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  1. I will keep the change for next year :P If Olympiacos key players don't leave(Papanikolaou is drafted for NBA for example) it will be easy for three-peat :D

  2. Dude i feel sorry for you :( 2 years in row?

    Thats bad..

  3. ah the ip is of the tf2 neo server

  4. You in for making a clan?

  5. I don't watch One Piece either..have seen the first 300 ones after then i had others issues,now i am onto Naruto Shippuden again,Sasuke FTW

  6. Reading/Watching anime but not Dbz,Naruto Shippuden and One Piece is lame :P

  7. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwake up

  8. Εrm,i think they say Happy Birthday and not Congratulations but anyways thank you :)

  9. Congratulations for what?..

  10. Your signature link is not working properly,the 2nd one i think

  11. Mneh noob create an account!

  12. Congratulations on becoming Dev

  13. Oxi re,eksigisa kai tous logous ekei,sxoleio oute va9mous den pirame akoma

  14. Well i thought of posting it to celebrations too,but i thought i will be (even more) criticised :P

  15. Hey Llama i heard House will have a new season.Guess you're saved!

  16. Kai egw teleiwnw 20 Iouniou,den polupaizw mta alla lew na to ksana katevasw

  17. whats with the greek letters in your sig? O_o

  18. Welcome Ninja! :D