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  1. Payday 2 Team

    T'is the best game EU
  2. I'm Back... Maybe

    McFluffyTator <3
  3. CS:GO Team

    And you don't need to own a server ;3
  4. CS:GO Team

    'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello... Yes, yes it's me! Mwahaha, lock your doors, cry in the corner, because I'm back <3 Seriously thought, it's glad to see the Forums back up, as you know I'm not a fan of Minecraft so become AWOL when the Forums went down. I know some people here play Counter Strike: Global offensive, and wondered if anyone was interested in making a NeO team at all? My current rank is Master Guardian Elite and my highest rank is Legendary Eagle, however I'm willing to train any newbies up to become better at the game, and overall have a full team of 5 and maybe even perform in some ESEA, FaceIT tournaments. Only requirement is that you're based in Europe (for Ping and so forth).
  5. Gibbsy do you have 1 more key ? if yes give it to me pls "_*

  6. Gibbsy do you have 1 more key ? if yes give it to me pls "_*

  7. Gibbs me the battlefield 3 key? I wants to play <3

  8. beardy gibbs = sexy gibbs :D

  9. change your member title to town lunatic xd ok no :D

  10. Hey Thanks for Happy birthday'ing me. I clearly forgot to visit. Your cool.