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  1. Your in-game name: MineKraft59 Reason why we should consider adding you to this world: I've been here too long, been a rogue admin since 2008, intend to stick around even longer still. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world: I'd like to move my base to a more permanent and affluent neighborhood as well as some projects. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? I will inform you of my absenteeism (if any) beforhand.
  2. Minas Morgul

    I can help with materials.
  3. DRAGONCORNETT flying hacks

    Thanks Son.
  4. Unban Request

    alright, I will try to find out who banned you, will also point the Admin to this topic.
  5. AineGT - hacking

    Ok, Il keep and eye out, otherwise PM me on skype
  6. Minecraft server update, 1.12

  7. Unban Request

    My In-Game name is: Reason I was banned: Reason I should be unbanned: Other comments that may help the situation: Please use the abovementioned format when applying to be unbanned. Also, I do not find any bans on your name.
  8. UnBan me pls

    Hi Anthea, You have a very short fuse, and misdirect your frustrations, which is human, but to disrespect those who are sacrificing their time to make this a better place for all, shows that maybe you dont appreciate what the staff are providing. I will ask Kangopt if he want to shorten this ban, seeing as you dont have other warnings and made an attempt at apologising. You should think about what we provide as a service,and whether or not you like it, you can always try something else.
  9. Ive taken care of this a while back - closing topic.
  10. An Issue With Kangopt

    We cannot rollback mobs, also its best to report issues with staff to NeO_Anderson.
  11. AineGT - hacking

    has he been online again?
  12. [Report]Coolgirl/Joanna

    Thanks, player has been banned for other offences.
  13. ludakk - hacking

    This has been dealt with, Thanks!
  14. Thanks, appopriate action will be taken.
  15. Hmmm, where do i start? is there a one-pack-fits-all?
  16. mudai - hacking

    Sorted, Thanks
  17. you and you long topics. All of the best - I trust you, and see the good in you, youl have my support.
  18. myrvalco-verified

    Your positive attitude is why I support your request , we do need more players like you in this community. I've seen you at your worst time and you are still a far better person than me at my own low. gl.
  19. The Hub In a New Perspective -Journey to the top

    Why didnt you put it in a slideshow? WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PRESS ARROWS!?!?! nice facephotos.
  20. Swag420-fly hacks

    Sorted, Thanks for posting
  21. Banned for joking around with a friend

    "annoying in chat" Racism is not an annoyance. Its strange how you fail to see what you did? -.- This isnt up for negotiation - to be unbanned read the stickies - Once again you've failed to do what you should, and expect to have it your way.