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  1. The forum has returned!

    Oh my lord its Nevurh! Good to see you buddy :)
  2. A little sumthin sumthin

    Hei peeps! So i came back and maybe now started to play Minecraft abit again.. We'll see how it goes this time. Atleast i dont feel that bored to play MC this time and its nice to be around NeOs again. Hopefully i can play abit during weeks whenever im able to and see you all ingame! Theres one thing still.. I made this really stupid video on "how i reacted when i joined MC after long time". :tongue:
  3. Know any good co-op games?

    Splinter cell: Conviction + Blacklist. Borderlands 1,2 and The Pre-Sequel. Those atleast!
  4. [14:33] <07NeO_Obsidian> MIDGETS IN MY PAD

  5. please unbanned me....ariefhakim99

  6. Herpdity derp derp?

  7. Herpa Derpa Herpa Derpa Herpa Derpa :D

  8. Herpa Derpa Herpa Derpa Herpa Derpa :D

  9. Dude, I'm still banned, You didn't unban me.