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  1. Gta samp

    Hey guys, Not sure if I can attend as my PC in bits at moment due to moving home, But I support in the come back of samp and will be joining asap
  2. My baby boy hit 1 on 14.04.2016

  3. Gta samp

    I would help you with the help my old friend
  4. Gta samp

    I'm pretty sure I would show up :)
  5. Hows it going all? Whats happening to samp? Should i make a return?.........

  6. Oh my,, Its mah Bday ;/

    1. Davester_02


      happy birthday supre!

  7. /me High fives Bufon :)

  8. /me Holds up The Bacons Stash!.. 12K WORTH! :)

  9. Kraft has no cookies left...........

    WASNT ME!!!! lol

  10. Nice to have you back in the Community :)

  11. o.O

    Any cookies her for me to steal! LOL

  12. Happy Birthday x

  13. /me steals Sizzles bacon!! lol

  14. Congrats on your VIP dude :)

  15. Just want to wish you good luck dude :)

  16. Nice to see you back Ron :)

  17. I feel honoured in designing your signature :)

  18. Signature just completed.