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  1. Gta samp

    Suddenly a wild freeboi appears! :o We should arrange a samp meetup or something in the server, would be nice to see some familiar faces :D
  2. Gta samp

    Buggsy_Gunns? Bloody hell ain't seen that name for a long time xD
  3. TF2 - Mario Kart Shenanigans 2015

    Video highlights of me, NeO_Obsidian & our friends playing the MARIO_KART map in Team Fortress 2.
  4. Team-NeO's MTA Funny Moments #16

    After a long hiatus, Team-NeO's MTA Funny Moments is back! A special MTA evening session with Obsi, Valy & Xiborg.
  5. Team-NeO Hall of Fame

    The extended part of NeO's Hall of Fame, cutout because the birthday video was already quite long xD
  6. Team-NeO 9th Birthday Movie 2015

    Happy 9th Birthday Team-NeO! :D As usual here's a video to celebrate, tends to be a touring video these days. However we have the best tour guide in Obsi ;) We do the tours in a 'blind playthrough' style as it's more fun that way xD
  7. MTA Server Is Back!

    Awesome news :D It might be a slow climb for people to join, but I'm sure they will do. I'll def try to check on it regularly, it was running smoothly when i was testing on it this morning :) Good job Anderson *thumbs up*
  8. The scripts broke for it when the server was updated, that's why no one returned.. no one could join it lol Just need someone who knows the script code (LUA) to fix it for us and we should be set to go. The people we know who could aren't around here anymore :( I wouldn't mind giving MTA one last chance, it would be a slow build up for everyone to realise we're back as said above.
  9. What Team Fortress 2 Has Become

    It has become this:
  10. GTA V FuN Moments Episodes 1-3

    A little highlight series of me, Obsi & Kane playing GTA V online. It's like playing SAMP all over again but alot more fun! GTA V FuN - Episode 1 (The Beginning) GTA V FuN - Episode 2 (Obsi Finds a Scooter) GTA V FuN - Episode 3 (Chillin' At My Place)
  11. GTA V Crew

    Awesome, maybe there will be more activeness on the PC xD Also if you can Anderson, setup the logo and crew colours (Black & Green) for the shirts & vehicles :P I know there's a way to get our actual logo but not sure how.
  12. NeO_Obsidian Pretends to be a Girl

    Ever wondered what Obsi would be like if he was a girl? Well here it is... you've been warned.
  13. A Big Thank you!

    Damn I missed it, what was it? xD
  14. epictacogurl plays Left 4 Dead 2

    Remember epictacogurl from Minecraft? The girl Obsi ran off with when NeO went down? Well she played L4D2 for the first time, with comical fashion. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  15. L4D2 Custom Map - Titty Twister

    A custom campaign I played with NeO_Obsidian and our friend Kane, called 'Titty Twister'. It was rather short and based on a movie I never saw, you could say the campaign name drew our attention to it.