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  1. The forum has returned!

    Hey Sinrone and Chippie, hope to catch you in the game <3
  2. Last Active Jan 30 2015 11:19 PM

  3. The forum has returned!

    Hey guys, I got depressed when old forum closed and didn't play or communicate with anyone since 2013, but I checked site from time to time hoping one day it's gonna be re-launched and here it is, hope old players will return eventually and many new guys gonna join. Hello to my old friends and anybody who doesn't know me.
  4. You do what you gotta do to survive

  5. Thank you, Romania, now I got enough monies to buy myself a potato and glass of vodka

  6. I just bet 60 euros on Romania in the game to end all games. Am I stupid, or just dumb?

  7. :OOOOOO hello and welcome back :D

  8. Ha! Not so dead after all you are

  9. Oh btw I really did vote for him

  10. Oh Valy, he was by far the most entertaining guy there, I literally burst out laughing when I heard his voice. Plus he was almost as hot as those Dannish and Norwegian chicks and they were pretty hot.

  11. Nice guy you sent to Eurovision, very progressive, he will bring the glory to Romania for sure, will vote for him

  12. CSKA is a funny team, starting with 2001 they played in 10 Final Fours of Euroleague out of 12, only missing out in 2002 and 2011, but at the same time they won only 2 cups out of those 10 opportunities, losing most of them in semi-finals. So I am used to it, don't worry :)

  13. Last Active: Apr 21 2013 09:54 AM

    Still alive I see

  14. Hey sexy Magoo, it's been almost a year, I hope you are doing good, nothing really changed here, same old, same old, catch ya on irc :3

  15. Last Active: Yesterday, 06:21 PM

    :D :D :D

  16. Miss you, Body Part-Drunk, my old buddy :[

  17. Charlie, dont forget - most girls on the internet arent real girls!

  18. I was the best barrel kamikaze in mta, you are nothing! :[

  19. Last Active: Jun 19 2012 07:12 PM :[

    Hope you are having time of your life, sexy_mango

  20. Check my unban request too, it wasn't me, it was kraft

  21. Last Active: Dec 14 2012 06:18 PM