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  1. Banned Again By Same Admin

    yeah thats true Anderson he was talking to us and we were talking at skype and thats true he didnt tell him to stop spamming or smt like that he just warn him then banned him for nothing
  2. unban request

    yes i wont promise
  3. unban request

    is it all right like that ?
  4. unban request

    all right Anderson just 5 min
  5. unban request

    ok anderson and sry
  6. unban request

    i just wanna say that i was stupide and madness boy insult everyone spamming yeah thts true i broke the rules and a lot of bad things more then this i lied so much there you are anderson im asking you to forgive me and give me a last chance to join team-neo agein plez and i promise you that i will never broke the rules i promise u hope that u will give it to me //balbasour//