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  1. Easter-minecraft -2018

    Is the next event today Or tomorow?
  2. accepted Private world request 2.0

    Yea Thx man
  3. unbanned Unban request (again...)

    I know the only 2 Who isnt me Or my brothers are xtreme And enjy. And I trust them both. They didnt do it
  4. accepted roughtoast- private world request

    Good luck mate
  5. unbanned Unban request (again...)

    Im banned because I had over 200 chickens. I dont know How They got there. But I think someone has thrown a lot of egg in my farm. That is the only reason I can think off. I Will re do the farm So it doesnt happen again. I hope ill get a unban. greeting THANATOS
  6. accepted creative request

    my ingame name is: RAGTHANATOS have played on the server for maybe 2/3 years now. known by a lot of players as a trustfully player. no bans around griefing of anything. I wanna be add to the world, because i like to build and design redstone and shit. also i wanna join the building contest Im not gonna be offline for a long time. Greeting THANATOS
  7. verified verified

    Good luck boss ;)
  8. PENDING Interested To Be Verified Again

    Break a leg God XD
  9. builds Monthly Build Competitions

    Me likey, as long as it is in creative
  10. incomplete To Private world

    Hope you Will get added mate
  11. unbanned unban request

    I am Perm banned and im very sorry it did Come this far
  12. unbanned unban request

    *cant Say sorry enough. Ill promise I wont break the rules ever ever agian.
  13. unbanned unban request

    I cent say sorry enting