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  1. aliens

    i heard someone say ALIENS http://zipansion.com/3pFPL here you go
  2. request movies

    you can request movies, maybe i can get them
  3. the matrix

    lets start with a famous movie we all should have seen. http://zipansion.com/3pAwo aka THE MATRIX
  4. accepted My Verification Request

    Congratz girl
  5. accepted My Verification Request

    hope youll be verified enjy. goodluck -THANATOS
  6. Easter-minecraft -2018

    Is the next event today Or tomorow?
  7. accepted Private world request 2.0

    Yea Thx man
  8. unbanned Unban request (again...)

    I know the only 2 Who isnt me Or my brothers are xtreme And enjy. And I trust them both. They didnt do it
  9. accepted roughtoast- private world request

    Good luck mate
  10. unbanned Unban request (again...)

    Im banned because I had over 200 chickens. I dont know How They got there. But I think someone has thrown a lot of egg in my farm. That is the only reason I can think off. I Will re do the farm So it doesnt happen again. I hope ill get a unban. greeting THANATOS
  11. accepted creative request

    my ingame name is: RAGTHANATOS have played on the server for maybe 2/3 years now. known by a lot of players as a trustfully player. no bans around griefing of anything. I wanna be add to the world, because i like to build and design redstone and shit. also i wanna join the building contest Im not gonna be offline for a long time. Greeting THANATOS
  12. verified verified

    Good luck boss ;)