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  1. you are a good player rag.. I see you help players while I'm online.. I think you deserve it :) hope you the best !
  2. enjy

    Creative World Request

    Good Luck raja! you deserve to be part of our creative world, since you are a good builder and a very creative person... I myself like everything you build so much.. I hope you will be accepted soon!
  3. enjy

    unban request

    I would advise you to make yourself a better unban request... while you have 9 warns on your name "amre" for many reasons not only insulting.. you are warned for spamming insulting and more than that impersonating admins and ban evading.. so i believe you should make an unban request that equals all the rules you broke and was warned for..
  4. http://kinogo2.cc

  5. enjy

    enjy has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified

    Thanks alot :D
  6. Hello there, my name is enjy (its my ingame name as well) and i would like to apply for being verified.. I have been playing on the server for about 2 years , i finally decided its the right time to do this.. I want to be verified for many reasons, first of all, i like helping players with anything they would ask for.. as claiming a land, building, getting stuff, having a biz, donating and using server commands etc.. I believe i'm a trustworthy person and i want everyone to know so.. and don't be afraid to ask and get the help they need.. another important thing is i'm aware of every single server rule and i always report or send an admin a private message with an evidence if needed when i see someone breaking a rule.. since im online and playing about 2 - 6 hours a day.. (sometimes a way more than that). last thing, i have no warns or bans and i always try my very best to talk politely to everyone.. Thanks for reading this :)
  7. enjy

    Creative World Request

    Good luck Mia :) you deseve to be in creative world :* hope to see you there asap..
  8. hello! my in-game name is => enjy i have played here for more than a year now and i enjoy my time so much :) i would like to be added to this world because i think it's a very good idea for getting an insperation for building in survival and private worlds plus i used to disconnect and go to single player to test some buildings and stuff in creative and then come back and build.. so its better now while i can do my testings while im playing on the server :) im not going on any vacations plus im online all day long now.. thanks for reading :)
  9. enjy

    Monthly Build Competitions

    I like the whole idea :D I'm in
  10. Hello guys, My in game name is => enjy I have been playing on this server for more than a year.. :D This is my 2nd request for private world.. my 1st one was "denied" - i have no clue why :( so after almost 7 months I'm requesting for being allowed to be able to build in private world.. i like to apply for private world for some reasons => i like to build a lot of stuff like castles, modern houses, different kinds of statues and much more.. I'm having fun playing minecraft especially with friends on team-neo server, so i will be very happy to join private world to be able to enjoy building with my friends :D i have build some beautiful creations in survival world (you can take a look on my castle "/home") and my clan base as well which i built with my friend - sweeperkaas - last reason is i really like to build in safe place with no griefing and no resets for any reason.. And i dont expect any holiday or vacation in the meantime but it would happen to have some irl reasons to be inactive for days not more.. if i am not allowed to join private world for any reason it would be nice to leave me a private message to let me know whats wrong.. thanks for reading.. enjy :)
  11. Before 2 days when i tried to connect to the server as usual with my user "enjy" it said -this name is already connected to the server.. Then i came to the web and used the chat to tell admins that im not online and there is something weird happening so "minekraft" the admin kicked enjy and told me to reconnect.. A day after, the same thing happened so i used my other user "sam2" and connected to the server but no admin were online so i walked to my home where enjy must be - i logged out at my home- so i found enjy there where i suppose to be.. 10 mins after.. minekraft banned someone for impersonating me.. Today when i joined mladenjr asked me what happened with me! he told me "you logged in before 3 mins and you were no donnor then you joined as a donnor and didn't say anything then left again.. so what is the problem?" -he took screenshots of me joining and leaving- IT WASN'T ME!!! I need help admins! i don't know what the problem is! please do something.. There is the screenshot mladenjr took =>
  12. i saw a player called porpvp flying (hi isn't a donator) - he has flying mods i took some screenshots =>
  13. i took some screenshots for a player named - i7lucky - while flying at survival world and at hub, he logout when he saw admin wizard came online screenshots =>
  14. im annoyed of this guy named yorivk, he is spamming my chat box with tp request.. i asked him to stop and /tpdeny him many times but he stills tp and spamming so i tried to /ignore him but i dont know if its a bug or what because /ignore command doesnt stop tp request i dont why.. so i decided to take screenshots and post them here.. please please i need help with this shit.. and thanks :)
  15. its really annoying to play while someone is spamming the chat box and im really annoyed of this player named "yorivk" which is spamming my chat box with tp requests and i keep telling him to stop and tpdeny him but he stills tp, please do something its not the first time he is spamming and beggibg to tp... i asked an admin and he told me to screenshot his spamming and post it on forum so i did. i took some screenshots =>

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