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  1. Akita

    Private World Request

    It didnt work. I cant break or place any block there.
  2. Greetings to all, my in game name is Akita, Im 20 years old, and I'd love to be a part of private world. I have done pretty much everything possible in common Minecraft and would like to do larger projects while contributing to the server at the same time. I am also looking to spend some time of my long weekend ahead to make something amazing. Im also pursuing a graphics design course in uni and I hope that some of my design inspiration can be brought to life here. I'm also hoping that I can work together with someone in private world to accomplish something I alone cannot achieve. I am confident that I can build decently. I'd love to show you things that I have made on Neo server (including the Nether Spawn Area that was fortunately chosen by the admins). Thank you for your consideration.
  3. Akita

    Minecraft of the Past /Today

    That would be a thing from 4chan, repeated by noobs who want to appear cool.
  4. Ever walked through a graveyard of heroes and villains, of love and hate, of long lost history and culture? I'm currently a donator, which gives me the ability to fly (kind of) in game. I have developed a rather peculiar routine for myself whenever I run out of things to do in the game and my friends are not online: flying through the 5000 x 5000 world3 and the bigger wolrd2, cruising through every house, any player-placed blocks, studying and guessing, filling in the blanks of how they got there. So many broken or raided rolled back houses, countless re-rolled awkward trees, buildings and creations from dirt houses to magnificent detailed structures. They tell me many disconnected and interesting stories. It feels like watching ghost figures doing things they used to do when they are alive. The occasional remaining signs that send messages to friends squeeze my heart everytime :smile: Those are just the ones surviving the rollbacks. God knows how mush more history is lost. But it doesn't end there. The forum is also another abandoned land. With so much changes in the world of this day and age, a plethora of fresh and attractive means to connect exploded in our faces and took over the stage. The forum platform is simply not competitive enough to keep up. The old generations of Neo grew up and resumed to more important responsibilities of real life, leaving the youngsters clueless, joining the server for a short while and leaving without a clue how wonderful this wasteland used to look like. The senior players whose love for minecraft and the server hasn't died are perhaps somewhat finding it difficult to make connections with the new players. It is surprisingly understandable however. How can these bonds be as good as the ones they already built when they were new, break the first blocks and making the first friends here? Or at least that's what I thought in my humble opinion. I greet old players who come back to the server like long lost friends who have absolutely no idea who I am and why I feel this way :smile:) I try my best to create things that are beyond a blocky game, try to put my two cents and influence on others, making the server's new culture and history. As lack of experience and knowledge about this as I am, I do try my best. Any of you care to shine some light on this matter to me? Your opinions and stories? Some new and more accurate perspectives to the things I said? Or just letting your nostalgia out on someone? I'm looking forward to reading them down here, if there's anyone still reading this at all. Till then, best of luck, with whatever any of you are trying to achieve :smile:
  5. Akita

    A story I want to share

    Ahaha it feels like I wrote this a million years ago. Maybe right now, my only reason to apply for verified is I want to make the server better :) With some title and recognition to your name, your words hold more water, you know?
  6. Akita

    Verified request

    DJ would be a great addition to a part of team Neo. There's no reason to say no.
  7. Akita

    nischkar - verification request

    Good luck Nis! Thanks for the help when I was a newbie. Keep that up and you'll be verified in no time. So great to see an old man figure finally grow up (cries like a kid)
  8. Hello all. I started playing on Neo's MC server as my first ever multiplayer MC experience. Im not inrerested in fighting for resource in game, I just love building beautiful things and make new friends. I quickly made some great friendships because people like my attitude. Since then I've always helped new players or anyone who needs something and ask me nicely. However, I started to build a reputation for being "free money" or "gullible". More people started to come to me asking for things. I would give them, of course, if they are nice. But some of them just demand "ammor" or "food" to me like a servant even after I tell them they should earn it. Worse than that, a particular player after coming to my old house and setting me on fire, forced me to leave because "nothing can be outside of his castle". Afterwards he apologized so I forgave him and told him he just had to be nice in the first place. Then I moved my house. However, this player then realized that Im nice and tricked me into a pit trap to kill me and took all my things. He then convinced other players to do the same to fool me because he saw it as possible. Now, Im not angry about him killing me, this is a game afterall. What made me upset is all of my efforts and kindness given out makes people think that Im exploitable and silly, when all I want is them looking at me as a friend. That hurts a little in real life, sorry if Im a bit emotional. That is the reason why I write this post. I hope to have a pat on the back and know that the admins appreciate me for what I do. I hope that whenever I see the verified name, I am reminded that kindness does pay, and Im encouraged to keep doing the things I do. Neo MC server is a special place for me. A place where I rush to everyday after school to have an hour or two immersing in another world. A place that makes me believe in friendships over timezones and continents. A place that I wish to be able to be myself, be nice and helpful. Thank you for reading my story :). Even if the request is not accepted, I already feel better to be able to share this. Thank you for your time.

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