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  1. Verified request

    is an great player and an helpful player i highly recommend DJLadybug Becomes Verified Player
  2. any clans to join

    He might!
  3. Private world request

    i be on evey day around 4pm to 10 pm hope you can catch me soon
  4. Well, I would like to apply for a place of my own in the private world for the benefits of never getting deleted for one... And secondly ... l which will take an awfully long time to make so i got interested in this. This way i can make it without having to wonder when it will get deleted. Which is pretty awesome for me... That's my current plan of interest. Please grant me a place in the private world 0 warnings surrounding Griefing or anything of that nature. This also extends to those that have griefed whilst plugins were down abused any bugs that would allow you to grief and have done so But once use and bug to cheat dup somethings (so i get if i don't get in) IGN-MoxFox
  5. accepted Private World Request- IDKG

    Sorry who are you again?
  6. Minebrix to be verified

    Minebrix this doesn't state why you wanted to become verified, but if you edit this and put the reason why! Then Best Of Luck (P.S. don't make an new request it would be spam)
  7. Collaboration Picture

    great job
  8. cococonor97 has been promoted to: Minecraft Admin

    Nice Job Coco Lemonde
  9. Phillipzu has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified

    Very nice to have you with us :biggrin:
  10. I'm interested

    Best of Luck :biggrin:
  11. Hall of Fame 1.9

    Tnx Jay :biggrin: