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  1. good luck if you become a verified i request toasts on my mailbox everyday
  2. Deffo need to change the chainmail set and beacon offer cause they are not worth it if not changed at least deleted to increase the odds of the offers that can actually be done
  3. ahh finding these things are pretty hard :/ trying to find maybe some parkour with a bunch of levels but each level is like pretty long so giving rewards is actually hard (like the old one) and I don't even have wifi which made it worse I gotta be careful with what I download looking at some puzzles or games too but most of them are like single games which people might get bored by playing them like 10 times or so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Would be down if there's another one of those adventure maps you're talking about a combination of parkour puzzles some pve maybe
  4. Hi So if you haven't been to the Fun World I'll explain what's in it Basically nothing ._. it's just a world with peaceful mode (at least I think cause I don't seem to lose hunger? and there's no mobs) the only thing you can do there is run around or fly around with your elytra and fireworks which I did. All I managed to do was find an igloo and 2 ocean monument (can't do anything with it tho :/) So I was thinking we should turn the fun world into uhh something like a new minigame or maybe some parkour courses (I recommend we put a feature where if we complete a course or a minigame we get cash that'd be cool too) What'd you think?
  5. I agree with disabling flying it's only fair. If you really want shulker boxes then take the risk of ender pearling I've done it before and found a tower that hasn't been raided although it took a lot of ender pearls and time
  6. good luck marcy
  7. accepted

    grats cheese

    oh can't believe i haven't wished you good luck yet .-. Good Luck lmaoshmsfaidmt
  9. accepted

    Doesn't really matter ._. good luck tho
  10. accepted

    Good luck mate :3 and yeah school sucks so Good luck mate :3
  11. Is that the castle in front of the flappy farm?
  12. good luck block
  13. wow you're sooo late to say that XD if you still want cookies i can give you some though
  14. eyy grats you finally got it :D
  15. In game name:Blueflamemaster Reason for joining private world: I am quite an old player now and have pretty much everything in the game. Hence i was looking to get creative and give back to the server artistically. I have made a bunch of great builds with people over the years and hence would really like to try my hand in Private world. Also i dont want my creation to ever get deleted hence the appeal. Thank you for your time :biggrin:


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