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  1. Doesn't really matter ._. good luck tho
  2. Good luck mate :3 and yeah school sucks so Good luck mate :3
  3. Is that the castle in front of the flappy farm?
  4. good luck block
  5. wow you're sooo late to say that XD if you still want cookies i can give you some though
  6. eyy grats you finally got it :D
  7. In game name:Blueflamemaster Reason for joining private world: I am quite an old player now and have pretty much everything in the game. Hence i was looking to get creative and give back to the server artistically. I have made a bunch of great builds with people over the years and hence would really like to try my hand in Private world. Also i dont want my creation to ever get deleted hence the appeal. Thank you for your time :biggrin:
  8. this journey was aids why did we do this
  9. yeah who would've thought huh
  10. dw i can afk for 24 hours and there won't be more than 5-7 mobs
  11. I'm surprised but Thanks!
  12. well from the title itself you can probably tell that I only wanted to help Godlike and if you can't well I just wanna help godlike build his builds anyways that's all really I don't plan on building anything in the private world
  13. I found a few videos of the duplication glitch using hoppers in 1.9 so I don't think it has been fixed yet.Haven't really checked the duplciation myself tho so the video might be false
  14. She gonna spank that booty with a sign XD
  15. Awesome.and stahp saying you're rubbish at building you're good


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