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  1. Hello there! I am posting this #title because I am creative and would like to show even more of it. :) My in-game name: mladenjr Reason why you should consider adding me to this world: I am playing as if it's creative even in survival, meaning building alot and big (somewhat overkill. :)). I like the contest for building rocket so I would love if I'm added fast enough to participate in that contest. Railway for creative might be planed aswell, although it have to be really nice, not like the one @W3, and it would be made in creative for sightseeing, so a person can take a ride and see all the builds. What are my intentions in the sense of what you plan to do in the world: rocket contest, maybe railway, future contests Am I aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean I will be inactive for a prolonged period of time: yes I am. Flying to Dublin on 2nd of March, but I doubt it will be long before I get PC there. :) Maybe I buy a laptop in first month, maybe i bring my pc in 2nd month there. But I still doubt I'll be without PC for 2 months, probably will buy 500$ laptop in first 2 weeks. If that happens I'll probably play only minecraft. Have a nice day yall!
  2. mladen.jr


    Here is my first post about BMW. It's a rough schematics of railway over world 3, those who need it will understand it. :smile: I'll make better one when it makes sence. LL&P
  3. mladen.jr

    Verified status request

    Yes it does, I'm suprised nobody reacted before: "...I never scammed anybody and want my name color to state it." Besides, I'm trustworthy and I'm using alot of time and personal resources trying to make something public, like that railway that already have about 20000 + blocks of length, but I have problem to make railway station and crossroads, also problem will be when people leave minecart on railway...I'll figure it out one day. :)
  4. Hi there! I want to be verified. I don't really need hoppers next to each one, but i never scammed anybody and want my name colour to state it. :) kiss
  5. mladen.jr

    mcMMO Reset Poll, please vote!

    Acrobatics is also important for combat, I would put it on that list of skills to be reset.

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