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  1. [OUTDATED RE-REQUEST] Private World Req

    actually this is my new account...
  2. [OUTDATED RE-REQUEST] Private World Req

    I started playing on this server um...I think almost 5 months (Actually I've forgot :tongue: )
  3. PENDING Dutchwolf verification

    btw good luck dutch...
  4. To be verified :D

    Goodluck Marc!
  5. private world request

    Yes sir!Haha
  6. Submission to be verified

    Yeah..Just keep helping ppl..
  7. PENDING Dutchwolf verification

    Yeah..I agreed with macca.Being "Verified" not because the green name..Being Verified is not about you wanna be popular..Being Verified is a trusted player that has given a big responsibility..
  8. In-Game-Name Mr_UNKNOWN..You guise can call me unknown..Need permission to build in private world..I want to make a permanent house.No one can grief my house.And I know you'll say "Juz use the golden shovel.." And I also a creative builder so I hope I can build there..I think I wanna build house or a city..I'm not planning to ruin other peoples creation. Thx for reading this... -Mr_UNKNOWN
  9. Submission to be verified

    Good luck,LordFear.I can't believe same with me too.Just started minecraft on this server.Keep helping ppl in the server and you'll be a good verified player
  10. private world request

    Agreed with u two..
  11. black_unicorn verified player request

    goodluck .... :laugh:
  12. I wanna be verified......

    Thx....haha Mr_UNKNOWN...I don't like to show my face that's why i'm wearing the mask..
  13. Hello :biggrin:.....I am Mr_UNKNOWN I'm sorry if i bother your nice day.... I wanna be verified because I wanna help people in the server... I try to help out wherever I can,whether it is helping out with claims. If a player asks a question, I will do my best to answer it. I will stop playing to look up the answer if I need to...I want to tell the beginners that i'm here, if they need a help.It is so cool to be part of the Team-NeO....I would like to be "Verified" not because the green name,I would like to be Verified not because I wanna be famous,I would like to be Verified because I wanna be a part of Team-NeO....Just wanna be Verified Player .....Thanks for reading this...Have a nice day :happy: =Mr_UNKNOWN=


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