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  1. Xperience

    Involving what happended 6 months ago,

    Also the content of the first paragraph, does sound like I'm giving you permission, and for that I said it incorrectly,
  2. Xperience

    NeO_Carlo has been promoted to: Admin

    Congratulations to Carlo! :)
  3. Xperience

    Involving what happended 6 months ago,

    Yes, i've suddenly grew up, DJCastle612, was not a very creative name, and it was indeed childish, a lot regarding my situation has made me change in the past six months, I guarantee you, I have grown up, and have changed since the six months, I have become more mature and less immature, I don't 'rage quit' or do anything, when something doesn't go my way,
  4. Xperience

    NeO's 9th Birthday

    Happy Birthday NeO! :smile: For many more years to come! :)
  5. Hello, I am willing to be unbanned due to the six months. During the time period I have grown up a lot and don't tend to threaten ridiculous hacking threats such as 'Ddosing' the day I got banned was the day I regretted for a long time, I never expected to lose half of my friends from the community. I sometimes sat at the side thinking how ridiculous that was for someone like me, I started to realise what Anderson meant by how I was immature, I looked back and released how really stupid I was.. I have changed names several times from 'DJCastle612' which I found was a bit childish to be honest, and came up with the name Xperience, It's related with a lot of names in-games such as 'XP' and 'Experience'. Also, I watched the latest birthday video.. It was truly amazing, how a community has come a long and improved for nine years! I want to apologise for my behaviour back six months ago, for all the problems I personally caused, and for loosing people, wonderful people, such as BlockLord or the rest of the community members which I appreciated, and that were my friends... I wouldn't just apologise to them I would also like to apologise to Anderson and Voltron, and all the rest of the Administrators and Moderators in this community. Thank you, Xperience (DJCastle612) I also forgot to mention in the topic; Involving what happened 6 months ago, (The banning of DJCastle612)
  6. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


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