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  1. Lucario215

    MTA Server Is Back!

    What's the ip?
  2. Lucario215

    request verified player

    Good luck, Hoping to meet you in game :D
  3. Well, although i may not be the most technologically savvy person I do have the motivation and belief to learn and thrive as a Verified player. During my time off the server I have been studying up and going all over the rules and I now feel like I am competent enough, If i get Verified status, to be able to enforce them fairly or wisely. Taking the final steps and becoming a Verified player is not a task that should be taken lightly in any regard. Especially becoming a ranked player on a server such as this one seeing as it is my favourite server, and one of the best in my server list. I would like to become a Verified player because I am trustworthy, responsible, hardworking, helpful and polite. I love helping people, weather it be helping someone building a big structure or helping a group of people start a clan, or even helping a noob find their way around. thanks for reading.

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