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  1. DiamondDGaming

    Team-NeO RP Battle Event: TheScourge vs =Rubiks=

    Nickname: Katelyn The Fire Fist RP Character:can punch so fast her fists turn into fire that can malt a sword side: alone
  2. DiamondDGaming

    Team-NeO RP Battle Event: TheScourge vs =Rubiks=

    aight lets do dis: Lost Girl found in forest : thedarkoaks being captured by men
  3. DiamondDGaming

    xfnix has been promoted to: Verified

    Congratz xfnix you really deserved it
  4. DiamondDGaming

    To be verified :D

    See cute request but good luck
  5. DiamondDGaming

    Sammy's Request

    AWWWWW nice request Sammy :3
  6. DiamondDGaming

    Private World Application

    Thanks, Emily<3
  7. DiamondDGaming

    Private World Application

    IGN-DiamondDGaming Reasons For Adding You To This World: I like to express my self and see what I can do to build Plan On Building's: well most likely to be castle's modern towns e.t.c Any Imactive Periods: only like Christmas Halloween and other holladays
  8. DiamondDGaming

    Private world request

  9. DiamondDGaming

    NeO_Carlo invited to and promoted to: Verified

    Gj Carlo ;D
  10. Good luck just put a little more explanation next time All awesomeness -DiamondDGaming
  11. Well this is my final try here it goes I am DiamondDGaming and I would like to be So called Verified because I love helping new players on this server as well as showing some support #GreenArmy -DiamondDGaming That is why ^^^
  12. DiamondDGaming

    I would like to be verified

    Good Luck Brookie hope you get that beauty Of a name
  13. DiamondDGaming

    My request

    Good Luck Bro but I suggest playing a bit more helping people out and many other things I myself am not a verified player but I don't suggest not playing for like 2-3 months or so GOOD LUCK many appreciations -Diamond:3
  14. DiamondDGaming

    Hunger Games Arena Competition

    I Might Have A Go Aswell

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