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  1. RottenBrain

    possible hacked client?

    Yes, it is a hotkey for a hacked client http://unturned-latest-hacks.blogspot.bg/p/m-description-full-godmode-mobs-cannot.html
  2. RottenBrain

    First ever request for being verified

    gl, topkek
  3. RottenBrain

    X-mas Giveaway

    And the winner is Cococonor97!
  4. RottenBrain

    X-mas Giveaway

    I'm drawing the winner in 2 days!Hurry up!
  5. RottenBrain

    Merry Christmas Everyone

  6. RottenBrain

    X-mas Giveaway

    Survival 2
  7. RottenBrain

    X-mas Giveaway

    X-mas giveaway by RottenBrain How to join the event: Rename an item with your IGN Go to X: -3160 / Y: 72 / Z: -1472 Drop the item in the hopper By signing in the giveaway, you will have the chance to win: A 3 floor house made out of Quartz blocks 52 Diamond Blocks The Winner will be drawn randomly!
  8. This is what's inside the uninstanced Stratholme A Screenshot from the secret zone
  9. RottenBrain

    IAmStriker Modding

    no john cena?Fake video
  10. RottenBrain

    My Castle

    That's cool. P.S.: Since when are you a resource?
  11. RottenBrain

    CnG Hacks or Lag?

    CnG is Phantom.
  12. RottenBrain

    please make me admin

    This is not the place where you apply for an admin.
  13. RottenBrain

    i want to be verified

    CnG, an admin said that your ip is identical with Phantom's ip and you are banned.

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