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  1. IDontKnowGaming<3

    Verified Player Request

    good luck! <3
  2. IDontKnowGaming<3

    ben300099 - Verification request

    omf mac x'D thats fucking perfect!
  3. IDontKnowGaming<3


    aahaha anders you legend x'D
  4. IDontKnowGaming<3

    Private World Request- IDKG

    anders loves me, he should accept it regardless x'D
  5. IDontKnowGaming<3

    ben300099 - Verification request

    no. just no. his name is bubbah. xD
  6. IDontKnowGaming<3

    Private World Request- IDKG

    Right... so as i've been working on developing my building skills, i thought it was about time i post one of these.. As you can tell, im no stranger to the server... hated by few, loved by many...you get the idea xD I have never had any issues with griefing, and personally i dont really see any need to do it, unless for a prank...in that case do it! I DARE YOU! not one of the admins or verified players know me....am i still allowed to post this? .... wait... who am i kidding? practically everyone knows me xD Leaving it there to stop the rambling... huehue laters!
  7. IDontKnowGaming<3

    ben300099 - Verification request

    good lucky bubby <3
  8. IDontKnowGaming<3

    Verified request

  9. IDontKnowGaming<3

    Verification request - Sh3p47

    good luck buddy! you'd be an amazing addition :3
  10. IDontKnowGaming<3

    Minebrix to be verified

    i recommend reading through previous accepted verification requests to see what is required in a request... also, as far as im aware, you havent been playing on the server for that long so i personally would have left it a little longer before applying so i could show that i could be trusted... please be patient with the request btw, it doesnt happen over night, a lot of thinking needs to go into a decision like this so like i said, be patient while keeping up with the expectations :) good luck though!
  11. IDontKnowGaming<3

    Looking for Graphics Designers

    if you need anything drawn beforehand, i wouldnt hesitate to help out :3 gives me an excuse to buy more materials to use xD
  12. IDontKnowGaming<3

    Collaboration Picture

    omfg i love this x'D hahahaha best one so far x'D
  13. IDontKnowGaming<3

    Interested To Be Verified Again

    good luck dude! would be great to have you back on the team!
  14. IDontKnowGaming<3

    Hall of Fame 1.9

    volt wtf x'D
  15. IDontKnowGaming<3

    MoxFox has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified

    congrats mathis :D you earned it buddy and would be an excellent addition to the Neo team!

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