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  1. Verified Player Request

    good luck! <3
  2. ben300099 - Verification request

    omf mac x'D thats fucking perfect!

    aahaha anders you legend x'D
  4. accepted Private World Request- IDKG

    anders loves me, he should accept it regardless x'D
  5. ben300099 - Verification request

    no. just no. his name is bubbah. xD
  6. accepted Private World Request- IDKG

    Right... so as i've been working on developing my building skills, i thought it was about time i post one of these.. As you can tell, im no stranger to the server... hated by few, loved by get the idea xD I have never had any issues with griefing, and personally i dont really see any need to do it, unless for a that case do it! I DARE YOU! not one of the admins or verified players know i still allowed to post this? .... wait... who am i kidding? practically everyone knows me xD Leaving it there to stop the rambling... huehue laters!
  7. ben300099 - Verification request

    good lucky bubby <3
  8. Verified request

  9. Verification request - Sh3p47

    good luck buddy! you'd be an amazing addition :3
  10. Minebrix to be verified

    i recommend reading through previous accepted verification requests to see what is required in a request... also, as far as im aware, you havent been playing on the server for that long so i personally would have left it a little longer before applying so i could show that i could be trusted... please be patient with the request btw, it doesnt happen over night, a lot of thinking needs to go into a decision like this so like i said, be patient while keeping up with the expectations :) good luck though!
  11. Looking for Graphics Designers

    if you need anything drawn beforehand, i wouldnt hesitate to help out :3 gives me an excuse to buy more materials to use xD
  12. Collaboration Picture

    omfg i love this x'D hahahaha best one so far x'D
  13. PENDING Interested To Be Verified Again

    good luck dude! would be great to have you back on the team!
  14. Hall of Fame 1.9

    volt wtf x'D
  15. MoxFox has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified

    congrats mathis :D you earned it buddy and would be an excellent addition to the Neo team!


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