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  3. Nickname : Xfnix - RP Character : Carl the Invoker - Side : Rubiks
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  10. X Application for Private World

    well , i'll just make massive farm lands / houses / other builds / etc :D
  11. YOUR INGAME NAME : xfnix REASON WHY WE SHOULD CONSIDER ADDING YOU TO THIS WORLD : I make good builds , usually farms and redstone machinery. I don't grief and I don't have plans to do so. I haven't gotten a warn / broken a rule so far if I am correct. WHAT YOUR INTENTIONS ARE IN THE SENSE OF WHAT YOU PLAN TO DO IN THE WORLD : I will build a public slime farm , a place to stay in , other farms , other buildings , and etc. ARE YOU AWARE OF UPCOMING HOLIDAYS / VACATIONS OR OTHER REASONS THAT WILL MEAN YOU WILL BE PROLONGED PERIOD OF TIME? : So far , I am not going to any holidays / vacations , might change in December.


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