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  1. Congratulations! :D
  2. Zeus shaders?
  3. Once again congratulations to Conor for his Admin rank, So here is his picture(Featuring Emily :D) I ran out of ideas so you can judge on how bad this ended up xD
  4. Goodluck again :D
  5. I am getting used to photoshop arts but as on the beginner level, but incase here are some of examples I do in Cinema4D
  6. Congratulations Buddy :D
  7. Congratulations :D
  8. Yet the enderdragon has those multiple endercrystals to regenerate himself and it's yet impossible to beat him while we can't do anything to destroy those endercrystals(+checked it last time that they updated it and covered those endercrystals around 6x6 with iron bars)
  9. 3 Admins on the way to show up! GammaJon,FeydMurphy and Faithy Progress Picture: And the result!: You can caption their faces ;)
  10. 2 admins now Maccadonalds and Jay Progress picture: I messed up something on Macca's body and it was weird yet hilarious: Finally the result(I messed up the face light ;-;)
  11. Well let's just hope they change or nerf the axes cause this guy used a fortune 3 axe on my protection4 set and yet it made a deadly combination damage on me..
  12. Well right now in 1.8 Axes, you need atleast 7 minimal critical attacks to kill a full protection4 set, But with blocking using the diamond sword could need 8.5 approx critical attacks in order to kill...since almost 90% of people don't use the sword as their shield the 1.9 will arithmetically remove the enchanted golden apple since it is just a hella op with the resistance and replace it with the my opinion it is just no big differences at all..
  13. Well the date wasn't confirmed but they said it will be released around 23rd of April. Besides as what Anderson said to that it must be delayed for around like 2 weeks since the mcmmo plugin managers are under maintenance for the combat update.
  14. .bind is setting up a cmd shortcut with the keyboard...probably is


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