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  1. accepted Creative Pl0x

    cococonor97 Consider me into this world for I am wanting to build without limits, also I'm trustworthy :) My intentions are to build some cool shit (hopefully) and make some things regular players who cannot build in the world can enjoy also. I haven't been very active lately due to my job but will try to get on more often now that christmas is over, also I am going away on the 10th of this month till the 13th, not that long but thought I'd let you know :)
  2. pending Verification

    good luck blocky c:
  3. myrvalco has been promoted to: Minecraft Admin

    gratzzzzz =D
  4. myrvalco has been promoted to: Verified

    congratz :P
  5. CHICA - hacking

    this has been dealt with :)
  6. dof - maybe reach hack ?

    Appropriate action has been taken. merci
  7. FREDY hacking

    Appropriate action has been taken. thanks
  8. xTurtle hacking

    The appropriate actions have been taken. Thanks :)
  9. The Hub In a New Perspective -Journey to the top

    didn't cheat ;) i used tactics and what is available to me
  10. i wish you luck my friend
  11. Free ban...

    as mentioned above your IP addresses are the same, and xxthedeivisltxx is perm banned so you have been banned also. this request is declined.
  12. The Hub In a New Perspective -Journey to the top

    nah it isn't :tongue:
  13. The Hub In a New Perspective -Journey to the top

    isn't that hard ;)