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  1. pending Verify Request

    memes memes memes
  2. pending Verify Request

    why soooo seriousssssssss
  3. pending Verify Request

    The whole thing sounds dodgy :/ "my name is loïs" definitely a lie, can't have liars in this community
  4. pending Verify Request

    sounds too dodgy, dunno how I feel about this :s
  5. accepted Creative Pl0x

    cococonor97 Consider me into this world for I am wanting to build without limits, also I'm trustworthy :) My intentions are to build some cool shit (hopefully) and make some things regular players who cannot build in the world can enjoy also. I haven't been very active lately due to my job but will try to get on more often now that christmas is over, also I am going away on the 10th of this month till the 13th, not that long but thought I'd let you know :)
  6. pending Verification

    good luck blocky c:
  7. myrvalco has been promoted to: Minecraft Admin

    gratzzzzz =D
  8. myrvalco has been promoted to: Verified

    congratz :P
  9. CHICA - hacking

    this has been dealt with :)
  10. dof - maybe reach hack ?

    Appropriate action has been taken. merci
  11. FREDY hacking

    Appropriate action has been taken. thanks
  12. xTurtle hacking

    The appropriate actions have been taken. Thanks :)
  13. The Hub In a New Perspective -Journey to the top

    didn't cheat ;) i used tactics and what is available to me
  14. i wish you luck my friend