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  1. Ark: Survival Evolved Server [CRACKED] Current server feature(s): Taming speed boosted Gathering Resources speed boosted Experience Gained is boosted Gamma settings Enabled/Allowed Boosted Breeding and Maturing Our ARK Evolved Server has the following rule(s): Do not block or build in caves or other areas of the map that are deemed important. If you're unsure , ask an admin or post on the forum. Do not use any form of 'cheat' or 'hack'. Be respectful to each other, especially new comers. Whilst raiding is fun and a part of the game, please try to avoid raiding new comers as they obviously won't have anything anyway and you're only ruining the gaming experience for them. If we find that you're making the lives of our players hell for the fun of it, we will take action. Tribe leaders and members are responsible for the action(s) of their own Tribe members/leaders. If one of you violates the rule, we will treat this as a TRIBE not an individual. If you for any reason suspect a tribe member of possible rule violations, remove them. Admin(s) will issue punishments to the tribe regardless. Harsh? Maybe... but these rules aren't exactly complicated or difficult to follow. If any of the rules above are deemed by an admin to have been broken he/she can issue any punishment they see fit which CAN include deleting everything you've ever done on the server. Admin(s) do not have to give you prior warning to issuing punishment if they find evidence to support and confirm a rule break.
  2. Server running version: 268.255
  3. When is the server going to be updated? As this question comes up so many times, I thought I will make a topic. First things first, do NOT update your game without checking whether the server has been updated or not. You will be left without anyway of downgrading and most importantly, you will not be able to protect your base whilst the server is running a different version than yourself. Now, the big question - WHEN we will update the server? quite simply we will update the server once we feel the update is stable. We will NEVER automatically update the server the moment a new version has been released. Why wont we do that? Because unfortunately when they release new versions, quite often there are bug(s) that are not fixed untill a few more updates are released and as such, we will NEVER update the server as soon as an update is released. We will normally allow at least 1 week after an update before we update the server. Ensure you check the server has been updated before you update your game. Please not ask us to update the server everyday....this will not change our decision. We will update the server at the earliest of 7 days after an update is released.
  4. NeO_CheeKu if you actually manage to complete this , I will award $500 to you and each person you deem to have helped sufficiently building this as I would very much like to see such a thing! :)
  5. resolved

    Please ignore my last message. I can see that the tools in which we used were incorrectly telling us that the IP is located in Romania whilst infact, it is not and it is indeed Saudi Arabia. We will look into that but in regards to your unban request. We have whitelisted you so you may join the server whilst we investigate Awsoemgamer further. Apologies :)
  6. resolved

    Why did he play today using an IP address in Romania ?
  7. resolved

    So awesomegamer lives in Saudi Arabia yes?
  8. resolved

    I did not ban you so the original admin will need to step in with that part, but initallyl looking into this. It would seem going by IPs used to join the server, your IP is the most frequently used IP under his name too. This implies that he is spending more time at your house than his own... Which by the way, I can't find any other IP address for so far....except random countries outside of saudi arabia. Do you have any comment on this?
  9. denied

    Then stop cheating?
  10. incomplete

    Please post a request that includes the above since your friend cannot read, put all the details relating to him instead. Though, if he cannot read and therefore does not know the rules, if he were to be unbanned. What is stopping him from doing this all again and getting banned again? Do you think we will just keep unbanning him ? Anyway, do as the above. And create a new unban request with the correct details.
  11. resolved

    How often does your friend use your internet to play here? Does he have internet at his own house?
  12. accepted

    Accepted, I will try to add you now if it does not work, let me know and we'll have to do it when youre online at the time.
  13. As some of you from Team-NeO 1.0 may know, we started a server in a thing called FTB/Feed The Beast. This is basically a heavily modified Minecraft that completely transforms what Minecraft what Minecraft SHOULD be... in someways :tongue: Anyway, due to there being so many mods it is very resource demanding but worst of all, there are many "bugged" items in the game that once placed in the world, would literally corrupt the entire it was often quite difficult to actually host a stable FTB server that didnt either corrupt or harm other servers through lag which brings me to my point here. We've decided (because its actually really fun..) to host FTB again but with a more recent and apparently 'stable/optimized' pack that should allow us to host without any problems but I cannot guaruntee that 100% for obvious reasons - we simply dont know at this stage. I can confirm the server has been going stable with a few of us admins on it playing for the past few days and all seems fine so that's a good sign. Unlike before when we opened the server completely to the public for anyone to join. We've decided in this instance that we will open it under a whitelist method whereby only those that are trusted will be allowed to join. You can request this through me directly, just PM me. Why am I posting this in a public place? because there are some players that no doubt dont have Verifeid or Admin but we would deem acceptable to join the server. You pretty much need at least an Admin to vouch for you and upon agreeing @ HeadAdmin level, we will add you. So a quick summary... Q: What is FTB? A: FTB which stands for Feed The Beast is basically Minecraft but with many many mods added. The FTB ModPack we use (FTB Beyond) consists of I believe 170+ mods. Q: What FTB ModPack do I need? A: You would need FTB Beyond. At the time of writing this,t he server is running 1.5.3. We may or may not update. Q: Can I join? A: If an admin or above vouches and a HeadAdmin also agrees - yes. Q: How do I apply to join? A: There is no "formal" process but if you ask me directly, or post a reply to this topic and admins will discuss privately whether they wish to vouch for your or not. If no one does or HeadAdmins decide not to at their stage in the process then we will simply delete the post here (if you made one) and PM you to let you know. If you're accepted, we will delete the post and of course, PM you directly to let you know. Q: Will the server crash? or be laggy? A: So far - no. Will it remain this way indefinately? This is in the hands of the Gods. Going from history with other FTB Packs, yes, it has crashed and corrupted worlds e.t.c. We're hoping 3rd time lucky with this new FTB Pack. Q: Are there admins on the FTB Server? A: As our community for the FTB Server are all either Admins , Verified or trust worthy people from our main Minecraft server, there's no need for Admins since we all know how to behave. :smile: Q: Do you have plugins on the FTB Server? A: In all previous FTB servers , because they were public ones.. we NEEDED plugins. Unfortunately, in FTB Beyond, there is currently no way to add plugins to the server and as such, there's no way to bring some of the features of our main server to the FTB Server. The good news is, the FTB Beyond pack seems to have its own basic set of features such as sethome/home and claim protections so although we'd like to have plugins over there, in short - no. We dont have plugins on the FTB server. Q: What happens if the world gets corrupted? Will I lose my work? A: In the past, when this happened we managed to find ways to delete the offending block from the world thus saving it but with this being a new modpack that is far more modern than the previous ones, I suspect quite strongly that the tools we once used, are no longer usable (this is because most authors do not update their tools after awhile). I am hoping that this is never the case whereby the world does become corrupt... but if it does, and we're unable to fix it - then yes. We will ALL lose our work. Even myself... I have spent many hours so far mining and getting resources for machines and things.
  14. ARK Server updated to v264.53
  15. The Team-NeO #1 server has been moved into a non-cracked version this means that only people that have legally bought the game will see the server. The reason we have made the server this way is because we want to TRIAL hosting both legal and cracked version of the game. We're advising that for now, you play on the #2 server as this is cracked. We MAY bring #1 back into the cracked version and resume everything but we're not certain at the moment. I completely understand a lot of effort was put into #1 but unfortunately in a game like ARK, the worlds DO get reset every so often...and yes we all (even me) have to start over. I'm sorry. The good news is that if you move into #2. This will ALWAYS be cracked and you we will never reset the world on that. Sorry again, and I hope you continue to enjoy our server :)
  16. Hello all, I have updated the ARK Evolved server to the latest version at this moment intime, which is 259.35 Let me know of any issues you encounter thanks :smile:
  18. incomplete

    Because the first message in this topic does not contain the information we requested in order to represent a proper request. In complete requests are marked as such and are not considered. As advised, you need to make a new topic with the information we requested and it will instead be labelled pending or by default nothing depending on how this part of the forum is setup.

    If you had/have read the pinned topic that says "READ FIRST" you would know the following:
  20. denied

    Athough gogo shouldnt be posting to someone elses unban request, he made a very valid point which you pretty much confirmed. If you use a client that includes illegal mods whether they're activated (being used) or not is completely irrelevant. You're not permitted to have the client period because it contains illegal mods. Illegal mods are outlined in the !help mods command but put simply, any mod that allows you an unfair advantage is illegal unless specified in !help mods. That's why things like maps and NEI are perfectly acceptable to have since they do not create any unfair advantage over other players to the level at which xray and fly e.t.c would. Thus it is illegal and so is your client whether you turned them off or not, it is not what we ask. We ask you to remove them - not turn them off. Anyway, whoever the banning admin is will cast their verdict here.
  21. these are actuallyr eally good
  22. Player Heads are normally things we reserve for special events and rare giveaways. That being said, introducing SOMETHING would be cool - i agree.
  23. So you may notice there's a "Bank" and $$$ on the forum now. This is something I'm trialling at the moment whereby users of the forum will earn $$ for creating new posts and such on the forum (more things will come soon). The $$$ can be stored in the 'Bank' which will generate interest (increase your money without doing anything to it!) and later you can have the money (whenever you choose) transfered to your in-game accounts. You can also send your forum $$$ to other people on teh forum too just like in-game. Naturally any abuse of the system would not be tolerated! How do I earn money? We'll be adding all sorts of ways to earn money, at the moment you can earn by doing any of the following: 1) Creating a new topic. 2) Replying to an existing topic. 3) Registering with the forum. 4) Storing money in the 'Bank' will generate interest on the amount stored so any money you get, transfer it to your bank account! What can I do with the money? We'll be allowing you to transfer the money you earn on the forum to your in-game account as another method of earning money. Rules 1) Any method in which money is earnt by creating content on the forum must include content that is meaningful. Any content that is deemed to be created for the sole purpose of earning forum money, will simply be deleted and the money deducted from the account. Repeat violations would result in ban from the money system. 2) You may send money to whom ever you wish but the receiver must NOT be someone that is using the same internet/network as yourself as this will be deemed as money abuse. 3) You may NOT create multiple accounts to earn additional $$$ from sign-up. 4) Money transfered to your in-game account is currently not possible and will be enabled/created once the system is "balanced". This part of the transactions will most likely require admin approval to ensure abuse is kept minimal but unsure at this stage.
  24. For those of you that use Steam, you can add your steam account to the forum , simply enter your steam name on your profile and it will display random steam users on the home page and your recent steam activity info on the profile :)


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