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  1. denied Unban request

    Nope, that is not what I was saying but clearly you have an inability to read and have pretty much confirmed that you would ban evade again so what is the point of posting an unban request when you have no plans to actually behave yourself? Enjoy those new accounts.... :)
  2. ARK Server Updated to: 277.0
  3. accepted Creative world

    Your name is Borderland1 because when you registered Borderland you decided to register a new account again and could not use Borderland because you already registered it. So you just added 1 to the end of it and now here we are.
  4. denied Unban request

    lol. I really don't understand this at all. So, you break many rules and get warned multiple times to stop, eventually you get permanently banned and your solution to that is to ban evade. Don't you think that perhaps the problem is that you can't follow simple instructions? Tell me, what do we do if you decide you cant follow the rules again and break another rule after we unbanned you?
  5. unbanned unban

    I heard this ban has automatically expired. If not, post a new unban request.
  6. denied Unban request

    From what I remember, you were ban evading all the way upto quite recently when we found a new way to block you and now that you're actually unable to join, you're doing what you should of done from the beginning ...and post an unban request. It is felt that you shouldn't be allowed back right now so the request will be declined right now. Try again in the future.
  7. About: The Creative World is a place where you can play in Creative Mode - naturally. In this world you're free to build whatever you choose. Please remember that others must share this same world, we aim never to reset this world so please ensure that whatever you create, is something worthy of being in a world that is permanent. HeadAdmins may delete or change anything that is deemed unfit for the world. If you have concerns over what you wish to build and want to ensure it is not deleted, please ask a HeadAdmin directly for a confirmation. Building Restrictions: There are no real building restrictions other than the fact that common sense should be used. (As per above) This means don't go building 1 block towers or things that are completely ugly or pointless. Don't go building things that consume such a vast amount of land that makes it impossible for others to build things. The world is huge and unlimited like a normal world but that doesn't mean you should take the piss about it! If you're unsure that your creation will be too big or not, please ask a HeadAdmin. In most instances it will be allowed Entry Requirements: Anyone is allowed to ENTER the Creative World, they just will not be able to build or do anything in there. It would be a "viewing" only world from non-authorised players but those that are authorised will be able to build anywhere and break anything. This means that there is potentional for griefing. Any measure of this found would result in the griefer being removed permamently from the world. Generally speaking, applicants must be in good standing within the community, meaning no warnings for griefing or other offenses of that nature. Doesn't have tendencies to create things that would cause offense to others. E.t.c (See below for specific requirements) Criteria Required To Build: Currently, and these are highly subject to change we expect: 1) Played here for at least 3 months most of which you would have been active for. 2) 0 warnings surrounding Griefing or anything of that nature. This also extends to those that have griefed whilst plugins were down or abused any bugs that would allow you to grief and have done so. Known by members of Staff and are deemed trust worthy (You don't need to be Verified) Posting your request: You must include the following: Your in-game name. Reason why we should consider adding you to this world. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? Make sure you create your own topic/post do not reply to this one. How we will process your request: There is no set time, although we will aim to check and process the request within 7 days. We will accept or decline your request. Please don't pester HeadAdmins to check your request. This will be an automatic decline. The system is based on a first come first serve basis. The quicker you put your post in, the sooner you will be added (if accepted). Only a HeadAdmin will be able to DECLINE/ACCEPT a request, however Admins opinions will greatly reflect on what we ultimately decide. This means that if an Admin vouches for you, there's a good chance you will be accepted. Do NOT pester Admins to vouch for you. Asking once is acceptable, anything more is exccessive. We will tell you whether you have been accepted or declined by closing your topic and setting the Subject to [DECLINE] or [ACCEPTED]. We may also post a reply too. Goodluck!
  8. PENDING Interested To Be Verified Again

    Can't actually topic bump in this section, it is based on date the topic was created as faras I remember XD
  9. accepted Fnord Private World

    accepted, let me know when you're onlien and ill add you =)
  10. Test topic for clubs!

    Test topic for clubs!
  11. accepted Sammy's Request

    Accepted. We needed time to monitor you, 2 years later, I believe we can probably just about trust you in there. :)
  12. unbanned unban request

    I assume this is old and you're no longer banned?
  13. Unban request

    Hello there, seems your IP address is being falsely detected and banned by our systems. I've whitelisted your name 'Gheco_Guy' so you should be able to play with this name. Our apologies
  14. staff

  15. Minecraft World Reset(s)?

    Hello, just to clear everything up surrounding the world resets. Team-NeO will only ever reset a world if any of the following conditions are met: The world has developed a fault or a player has created something in that world which is severely hindering the server's performance and causing lag elsewhere. If a new update is released from Minecraft which in order to benefit from fully, requires a world reset. Then a world reset will occur. This will work on a oldest to newest system, which means... we will not reset the most recently added world, we will reset the oldest world added of that type. So to give you an example, right now we have a 1.8 Survival World just added, and our original 1.7 Survival World which is obviously the older of the two. As such, when or if Minecraft releases a new update which meets the above criteria, we will reset the 1.7 Survival World and that will become the new world for the new update. If the server's resources are needed elsewhere and the world in question is deemed valuable to the benefit of the server then it may be removed. (Possibly only temporary) If you have any further questions, post here. :smile: PS: Please remember that it is simply not possible for any 1 single world to be remain on the server indefinately, remember... our attempts using NeORollBack to prolong the time we have to reset is our only hope at delaying the time it takes for the world to become beyond usable. If there is no where to live, everywhere is griefed and we can't expand anywhere for new players to join then something MUST be done to correct that. Now the auto rollback does help for sure, an in theory it should completely fix this but ultimately it is not perfect and eventually there will come a time when we will have to reset the worlds. The same can be said for any multiplayer server its just not possible to not reset the world. So you should expect at some point that the world you live in will be reset. But , it is not something we do often... and we wouldnt do it and give you no option to save anything. For example you can now (an we're keeping this going) allowing you to donate to have your claimed land moved to any where you like...e.t.c. --------------------------------------------- World Reset Plans For The Upcoming Minecraft Version: Will we be resetting any worlds?: No Will any plugin(s) be disabled intentionally?: No When will the server update?: Whenever a stable version of bukkit is out.
  16. Minecraft World Reset(s)?

    Old worlds are usually archieved until something goes wrong and we lose them. We do not make old worlds public as quite often the size of the world is just far too great to make this an acceptable thing.
  17. staff

    Our application questions are EXACTLY what you requested. They're as valco said , to test your knowledge (among other things) of what and how a admin should behave and conduct themselves on the server. I also know that you tried to click back and re-do the questions, so I think that you genuinely did not read the questions correctly or aren't fit to be an admin right now.
  18. upset to this server

    You're telling us that our server rules suck, and that I suck and that there are other servers that you can play on? And you're telling us this why? oh, because you got banned. So because you got banned, you're posting flame on the forum about not wanting to play here anymore.....this IS rage quitting. You were quite happy to play and abuse our server rules even when we told you to stop...still quite happy to play then but the moment you're caught and punished, suddenly our server sucks, you regret playing here, I suck.... e.t.c e.t.c, I think you're confused because the way you're behaving is rage quitting..and to rage quit because you got caught breaking rules is very immature. Here's hoping the next server you join you're able to follow simple instructions ... otherwise you may find that that server also sucks and the rules sucks...and its everyone elses fault that you can't follow simple rules.
  19. upset to this server

    You're disappointed that you broke server rules and got punished? You're disappointed that admins enforce rules? You're disappointed that you share your account details with a person that also cannot follow server rules? Please take your pick as to which of these are what you're really disappointed with... what you fail to realise is that we when you're banned, it is not because we WANT you on our server, it is because we DONT want you on the server... If you're looking to play online in another server I strongly advise that you READ the server rules before you do anything...especially when admins tell you to stop doing is probably a good idea to stop doing that then you won't be "disappointed" by the server when they actually ban you from it... Given your attitude I'm pretty sure you've been banned on many other servers too...and this is your "rage quit" method of choice... lol anyway , goodluck :)
  20. Requesting video evidence for warning

    This is true, and 99% of the time we're able to supply the recorded information. Unforutnately, sometimes if the recorded footage contains things only shown to Admins, we cannot supply the video but instead, Admins will review it and decide internally. I don't know if you're actually genuinely believing that you have done nothing wrong here but if I must show it all to you then okay...please read everything posted below: Here is a screenshot of our pinned topic that explains about how to be unbanned and what you must include in your unban re quest. One of the sections clearly states that if the ban is unjustified (meaning that the admin banned you incorrectly and abused their powers) then you must file what is called an "Appeal" - NOT an unban request. Unban requests (like this topic we're talking in now) is handled by admins. Appeals are handled by HeadAdmins since Appeals are to say the admin did not do their job correctly. Now I know that you posted this entire topic in the "General discussions" but I assumed you had made a mistake and posted it here mistakenly... it is not the first time. Are you saying this is not an unban request but rather simply to ask for the evidence for the warning? If so, the answer has been provided to that request. In short, no. Now, since you went and actually filed an Appeal, this implies you're accusing the admin of abuse of power and that they banned you without a valid reason to do so. You even said this yourself inside your Appeal (as shown below). "probably thought I was digging straight to diamonds or stuff" but you do not have mods and were only mining straight down and digging hallways. You even have witnesses that will testify and prove that you're innocent and did not cheat further enhancing your accusation that the admin is wrong and banned you incorrectly...meaning he abused his powers and banned you without any valid reason to do so since you did not cheat....right? As I explained TWICE both in your Appeal (the red texted screenshot) and in this unban request... I have investigated your case and confirmed that you DID x-ray. As I explained, I have powers and abilities that allow me to see EXACTLY what you did even if you're not online at the time...using this ability, I saw all your mining.... I saw where you found diamonds and ores e.t.c and I saw how you found them.... I'm sorry but you're guilty...even if you think you're not. I do not need to see 13 different videos to know if someone is cheating... I have already seen video evidence (as you also can see... posted by Kangopt...) and I have seen with my own eyes, your mining and how you got the diaminds. These two are more than sufficient to say that you DID cheat. I think you misunderstand the difference between "Appeal" and "Unban Request". Here is an Appeal: If this is what you're trying to post on the forum then you've made a mistake. An Appeal by our definition is the above. You're telling us that the Admin should NOT have banned you...because they're wrong or have banned you unfairly because again, they were wrong. This is not true did cheat, you x-rayed and you used fly-mod. We can supply you with the video showing your fly-cheats but we cannot show you the video with the xray. I assure you , we're not fools and I know you xrayed. Your Appeal was declined as shown in the red text screenshot. This forum is used for unban requests... NOT appeals. Unban Requests are when you know that what you did was wrong and you made a mistake and are requesting to be unbanned at the mercy of the Admins. We're a forgiving community and often will grant second chances...but when it comes to doing what you're doing, this will not look for you. We do not ban people for no apparent reason, we do not ban people because we're bored or why not right? You were caught doing things that you know you should not be doing and you got punished. Accept it, be a man.
  21. My Argentavis is gone

    There is also a phantom bug in this game whereby dinos will just vanish. Literally disappear off the map. I guess you could call it "despawning". It is something that has plagued ARK since day one but Devs have yet to fix it...or even accept that it is a real thing. There are many reasons this could occur but because it is so 'rare' it is not something that will happen everytime...thus making it even more frustrating because you will never know truly if the dino actually disappeared...or just wandered off and is in a different place in the world. Some people have reported that having a tamed dino standing in certain areas of the world can cause it to vanish, or standing on resource nodes (where resources will spawn)....but this is all unconfirmed....I think no one truly knows what causes this, including the developers which is why they haven't actually fixed it. I must say though , I personally haven't experienced vanishing dinos yet. I have thought they vanished, then found them weeks later very far from anywhere I have ever been before....yet they're is quite bizarre.
  22. Requesting video evidence for warning

    In addition to the above, despite the video. I have already confirmed you DID xray and therefore the rule break was commited by you. If the video contains sensitive data then as valco has said, it will not be shown to anyone outside the admin team...and it would be down to us internally to decide your fate. Without seeing the video, I already know you xrayed...and that is enough for me. Now that I see you also use fly stands to reason as most modded clients will not just have 1 cheat, but many....including fly as a 'standard feature' of pretty much any modded client. I don't know what you hope to gain here.... you created an appeal where you lie and now you're asking for proof of a SPECIFIC crime like it's going to change something....You xrayed, you fly modded, you got caught and punnished, you lied to HeadAdmins and accused admins of abuse of powers... but this one specific video is more important to you? lol.
  23. Requesting video evidence for warning

    When you say the 28th are you asking for proof of when you xrayed?
  24. Requesting video evidence for warning

    Just my added comments it is upto the admins who punished you initially to decide the outcome of this. Whilst this video does not show the xray, we HeadAdmins have special tools that enable us to very easily reconstruct your mining pattern. We know where you mined, when you mined and how you mined it as I explained in your appeal. I looked into this and could see exactly what you did and how you xrayed. You think admins are stupid, you think admins cannot spot a cheater to someone that is innocent but youre wrong. You think that you're able to outsmart us but fail... I say this because you and I know exactly what you did to try to mask your xray - it does not work here sorry. Now mods too? but you're so innocent...
  25. limit of structures

    Hello there, the limit is there for a reason. I assume increasing this limit would only harm server performance which is not what I wish to do. This being said, if you're simply being told "nearby" is the issue then perhaps living elsewhere would be a better idea? Alternatively, you could play on our second server which does include offline raid protection unless that's what you do not like.