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  1. Challenges (Early Access) What are they? The general idea is that the server will automatically create Challenges which can last anywhere from 1 hour essentially. They could be Hourly, Daily, Weekly etc Challenges. Players would complete these Challenges and will be given a choice of 3 possible Reward upon completion. A pop up will appear! The rewards are randomly generated but you also have the choice of selecting just Money if you prefer that. It's upto you! Please note, I have decided to give this an "Early Access" title as it is most fitting for the purpose im bringing this online now. I wanted to add more content but I also needed to know how this would perform before i do more work on this. Please report and expect bugs from time to time. Basic testing has been done. What are the available commands?: /c - The main command that will also list all currently available commands and Challenges /c stats - This will show your current progress (if applicable) on any active Challenge. /c top - This will list the top X players that are closest to or have completed Challenges. Can you complete the same Challenge more than once? Yes and no. Once you have completed A challenge you will be listed in the "/c top" command as being one of the players to have completed the challenge. Until this Challenge expires and is eventually generated automatically again, you won't be able to complete that same challenge again. Must I complete the Challenge without disconnecting? No, all progress is saved in real time so you will be able to return and continue another time. Will more Challenges/Rewards etc be added? Absolutely. As mentioned above, I needed to bring this online and see it in a live environment before i could add more content but rest assured, more Challenges and Rewards will be added over time! Found a bug! What should I do? As always, use /feedback <bug report> if the bug report requires a lot of information, please create a post on the forum, and /feedback <link> instead. IF the bug is critical meaning it allows players to recieve rewards multiple times things of this nature, report to me directly ASAP.
  2. Version 8.0.5 login

    Hello guys, in this version you need to have Steam open and logged in. You can create a new account and I'd probably recommend this but there shouldnt be any issues with using your normal one. It's just best practice not to associate cracked games with legit ones especially if you've paid for them on your main account. :) please reply back if this hasn't solved your login issues.
  3. Hi all, so it was raised as a question so i pose it to you all, should we reset the Nether along with the 1.14 world when it comes?
  4. The need to cleanse dead claims

    yeah we wiped the world now :)
  5. So I have managed to locate and piece together a Minecraft Launcher for 1.13 and above. It should have no issues for the near future..but who knows as Mojang like to break things. Link here: Download Installation OR Download the attachment.
  6. Here's the launcher that we'll officially be supporting/using. Enjoy:
  7. no action needed New world?

    It now has a new world ! :)
  8. denied req

    AFter your bot spam attacks and threats of 'revenge' , I think its safe to say.....:
  9. unbanned UnBan Request For Range Ip Ban

    You may join
  10. Feed The Beast Server

    As some of you from Team-NeO 1.0 may know, we started a server in a thing called FTB/Feed The Beast. This is basically a heavily modified Minecraft that completely transforms what Minecraft what Minecraft SHOULD be... in someways :tongue: Anyway, due to there being so many mods it is very resource demanding but worst of all, there are many "bugged" items in the game that once placed in the world, would literally corrupt the entire it was often quite difficult to actually host a stable FTB server that didnt either corrupt or harm other servers through lag which brings me to my point here. We've decided (because its actually really fun..) to host FTB again but with a more recent and apparently 'stable/optimized' pack that should allow us to host without any problems but I cannot guaruntee that 100% for obvious reasons - we simply dont know at this stage. I can confirm the server has been going stable with a few of us admins on it playing for the past few days and all seems fine so that's a good sign. Unlike before when we opened the server completely to the public for anyone to join. We've decided in this instance that we will open it under a whitelist method whereby only those that are trusted will be allowed to join. You can request this through me directly, just PM me. Why am I posting this in a public place? because there are some players that no doubt dont have Verifeid or Admin but we would deem acceptable to join the server. You pretty much need at least an Admin to vouch for you and upon agreeing @ HeadAdmin level, we will add you. So a quick summary... Q: What is FTB? A: FTB which stands for Feed The Beast is basically Minecraft but with many many mods added. The FTB ModPack we use (FTB Revelation) consists of I believe 190 mods. Q: What FTB ModPack do I need and are there any extra mods I need to manually download? A: You would need FTB Revelation. You will also need to download the mods attached to this post and place those inside your 'FTB Revelation' Mods folder. Example location: C:\FTB_Folder\FTBRevelation\minecraft\mods Extra mods needed to join the server! Q: Can I join? A: If an admin or above vouches and a HeadAdmin also agrees - yes. Q: How do I apply to join? A: There is no "formal" process but if you ask me directly, or post a reply to this topic and admins will discuss privately whether they wish to vouch for your or not. If no one does or HeadAdmins decide not to at their stage in the process then we will simply delete the post here (if you made one) and PM you to let you know. If you're accepted, we will delete the post and of course, PM you directly to let you know. Q: Will the server crash? or be laggy? A: So far - no. Will it remain this way indefinately? This is in the hands of the Gods. Going from history with other FTB Packs, yes, it has crashed and corrupted worlds e.t.c. We're hoping 3rd time lucky with this new FTB Pack. Q: Are there admins on the FTB Server? A: As our community for the FTB Server are all either Admins , Verified or trust worthy people from our main Minecraft server, there's no need for Admins since we all know how to behave. :smile: Q: Do you have plugins on the FTB Server? A: In all previous FTB servers , because they were public ones.. we NEEDED plugins. Unfortunately, in FTB Infinity Evolved, there is currently no way to add plugins to the server and as such, there's no way to bring some of the features of our main server to the FTB Server. The good news is, the FTB Infinity Evolved pack seems to have its own basic set of features such as sethome/home and claim protections so although we'd like to have plugins over there, in short - no. We dont have plugins on the FTB server. Q: What happens if the world gets corrupted? Will I lose my work? A: In the past, when this happened we managed to find ways to delete the offending block from the world thus saving it but with this being a new modpack that is far more modern than the previous ones, I suspect quite strongly that the tools we once used, are no longer usable (this is because most authors do not update their tools after awhile). I am hoping that this is never the case whereby the world does become corrupt... but if it does, and we're unable to fix it - then yes. We will ALL lose our work. Even myself... I have spent many hours so far mining and getting resources for machines and things.
  11. NeOBiz - Plugin Guide

    NeOBiz, what is it? NeOBiz plugin is HOPEFULLY the plugin that will save us from being poor! This plugin will allow all players, poor or rich to own a Business (Biz for short). This Business requried "fuel" or "power" to operate and the fuel can be one or multiple items in minecraft. You gather the resources required and use the Fueling station in hub to add fuel to your Business. Once the power level is at least 1 or above, it will begin to generate $$$ which is stored in a 'pending' account. You can transfer these built up earnings into your real account for use elsewhere. What are the future plans? * I hope to add a couple of things such as the ability to 'employ' other players to work for your business by contributing resources to fuel/power the business. Employee will be given a specific percentage of whatever is withdrawn from the pending account. * 'Business Value', much like in the real world, I hope to allow Businesses to generate a 'Value' so that when the Business is sold it will not be sold for a low cost, but infact it will be sold for a varied amount. It is uncertain as to what will determine value but just as some preliminary ideas... perhaps it would be the length of time the Business is owned combined with things like has the Business been continuously powered without stopping that kinda thing. We'll see! I'll update this with more info as I continue development.. or if things change
  12. enjy has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified
  13. accepted My Verification Request

    Accepted! :D
  14. Server changes

    hello all, so I found this tool that allows me to manage the server settings a bit better.... I have used the tool to completely re-write the server settings (yes I have kept most things the same or near to that) but also made a lot of what I feel are improvements. Please let me know of any "odd" things occuring... Some of the changes include: Better/Longer Day Cycles compared with nights. Certain 'destruction' weapons have been increased in cost of Engrams. I'm not one for destroying other peoples hard work ;) Auto-Destruction of abandoned buildings SHOULD actually work more effectively. Breeding/Maturity of dinos SHOULD be much much faster now. Per level-up should increase stats for the player and dinos at a better level/amount. Max Dino level has been set to 1200 although i'm unsure how the server managed this as I dont actually see this in the config anywhere when I exported it but it's there - apparently. I will not be concerned about this if it isnt. And much more.... I hope in the future to bring some of the Scorched island and CenterMap dinos/items into TheIslandMap in the future. It seems as though this is possible using the tool but not sure.
  15. Random Epic Screenshots

    So randomly walking around, I found some epic builds/homes/shops and I will continue to update this post as and when I see them. :) Let me know if you're the owner of one of the builds and I'll add your name to it :) Feel free to post your screenshots too!
  16. files

    Sorry server files are not distributed in our copy of the game. Apologies for any inconvenience caused =\
  17. Lost my original user?

    What was your original username ?
  18. Random Epic Screenshots

  19. Random Epic Screenshots

  20. Lost my original user?

    I'm sorry but I have literally no experience with single player. So I can't really advise on that however.... If you can locate your save game files from 7.2.4 and send me them, I could take a look and see I can resolve this for you.
  21. As you know, the world was reset for 7.3.1. It seems that with each update, we will most likely be forced to reset the world. This is mainly due to the way the game handles the accounting system. You're each assigned an 'ID' this ID generator seems to change from version to version so it generates different IDs which means that the game "forgets" you entirely when we update. Since this has happened with the past two updates, its safe to assume this will most likely be the way things will be unforutnately. Here is some of the settings we've currently got going on the server, please let me know of anythinge else you would like changed and we'll check it out Plantlife (not everything) has a faster growth rate to allow more 'playing' than 'waiting'. WoodPulp when cutting down tree's nolonger spawns on the floor where the tree falls. It will go directly into your inventory to prevent players from being lazy and cluttering the world - they're now forced to deal with the waste created as intended by the game. Tree stumps require 1 hit to break them. Small Wooden Cart has increased weight limit. Nomral Wooden Cart has increased weight limit. Powered Cart has increased Weight Limit. And there's most likely more to come...
  22. Woodpulp now goes directly to inventory when breaking trees. The Stump requires 1 hit.
  23. Hi all, so as you know , when a tree falls it spawns a lot of WoodPulp(sticks) on the ground around where it falls. This requires a lot of energy to remove and quite often people are too lazy to actually remove it or dont have suffucient food to remove it so they leave it. As a result, we end up with lots of crap around the world that makes it look ugly. So I have a few to what we could do, please vote.
  24. MP Launcher not working

    Is your cracked steam updating when you start it? If so, that is not cracked. It needs to not update, and the steam components when you use it will sometimes not work, then you know its not updated.
  25. MP Launcher not working

    Hello there, unfortunately Steam patching process whilst says its successful - sometimes, has issues. you may need to look for a cracked steam itself because sometimes the patching just doesn't work (and steam updates the file after patching) when its launched and will cause the game to instant close as soon as its open. The game and method does work majority of the time, its just sometimes it doesnt. One of our users had this issue and he tried relentlessly trying to get it work, gave up , tried it the next day and it worked fine...even though he did the same process as he did the previous day. It's very random....and very frustrating.