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  1. denied Unban request

    Nope, that is not what I was saying but clearly you have an inability to read and have pretty much confirmed that you would ban evade again so what is the point of posting an unban request when you have no plans to actually behave yourself? Enjoy those new accounts.... :)
  2. ARK Server Updated to: 277.0
  3. accepted Creative world

    Your name is Borderland1 because when you registered Borderland you decided to register a new account again and could not use Borderland because you already registered it. So you just added 1 to the end of it and now here we are.
  4. denied Unban request

    lol. I really don't understand this at all. So, you break many rules and get warned multiple times to stop, eventually you get permanently banned and your solution to that is to ban evade. Don't you think that perhaps the problem is that you can't follow simple instructions? Tell me, what do we do if you decide you cant follow the rules again and break another rule after we unbanned you?
  5. unbanned unban

    I heard this ban has automatically expired. If not, post a new unban request.
  6. denied Unban request

    From what I remember, you were ban evading all the way upto quite recently when we found a new way to block you and now that you're actually unable to join, you're doing what you should of done from the beginning ...and post an unban request. It is felt that you shouldn't be allowed back right now so the request will be declined right now. Try again in the future.
  7. About: The Creative World is a place where you can play in Creative Mode - naturally. In this world you're free to build whatever you choose. Please remember that others must share this same world, we aim never to reset this world so please ensure that whatever you create, is something worthy of being in a world that is permanent. HeadAdmins may delete or change anything that is deemed unfit for the world. If you have concerns over what you wish to build and want to ensure it is not deleted, please ask a HeadAdmin directly for a confirmation. Building Restrictions: There are no real building restrictions other than the fact that common sense should be used. (As per above) This means don't go building 1 block towers or things that are completely ugly or pointless. Don't go building things that consume such a vast amount of land that makes it impossible for others to build things. The world is huge and unlimited like a normal world but that doesn't mean you should take the piss about it! If you're unsure that your creation will be too big or not, please ask a HeadAdmin. In most instances it will be allowed Entry Requirements: Anyone is allowed to ENTER the Creative World, they just will not be able to build or do anything in there. It would be a "viewing" only world from non-authorised players but those that are authorised will be able to build anywhere and break anything. This means that there is potentional for griefing. Any measure of this found would result in the griefer being removed permamently from the world. Generally speaking, applicants must be in good standing within the community, meaning no warnings for griefing or other offenses of that nature. Doesn't have tendencies to create things that would cause offense to others. E.t.c (See below for specific requirements) Criteria Required To Build: Currently, and these are highly subject to change we expect: 1) Played here for at least 3 months most of which you would have been active for. 2) 0 warnings surrounding Griefing or anything of that nature. This also extends to those that have griefed whilst plugins were down or abused any bugs that would allow you to grief and have done so. Known by members of Staff and are deemed trust worthy (You don't need to be Verified) Posting your request: You must include the following: Your in-game name. Reason why we should consider adding you to this world. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? Make sure you create your own topic/post do not reply to this one. How we will process your request: There is no set time, although we will aim to check and process the request within 7 days. We will accept or decline your request. Please don't pester HeadAdmins to check your request. This will be an automatic decline. The system is based on a first come first serve basis. The quicker you put your post in, the sooner you will be added (if accepted). Only a HeadAdmin will be able to DECLINE/ACCEPT a request, however Admins opinions will greatly reflect on what we ultimately decide. This means that if an Admin vouches for you, there's a good chance you will be accepted. Do NOT pester Admins to vouch for you. Asking once is acceptable, anything more is exccessive. We will tell you whether you have been accepted or declined by closing your topic and setting the Subject to [DECLINE] or [ACCEPTED]. We may also post a reply too. Goodluck!
  8. PENDING Interested To Be Verified Again

    Can't actually topic bump in this section, it is based on date the topic was created as faras I remember XD
  9. accepted Fnord Private World

    accepted, let me know when you're onlien and ill add you =)
  10. Test topic for clubs!

    Test topic for clubs!
  11. accepted Sammy's Request

    Accepted. We needed time to monitor you, 2 years later, I believe we can probably just about trust you in there. :)
  12. unbanned unban request

    I assume this is old and you're no longer banned?
  13. Unban request

    Hello there, seems your IP address is being falsely detected and banned by our systems. I've whitelisted your name 'Gheco_Guy' so you should be able to play with this name. Our apologies
  14. staff

  15. Minecraft World Reset(s)?

    Old worlds are usually archieved until something goes wrong and we lose them. We do not make old worlds public as quite often the size of the world is just far too great to make this an acceptable thing.