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  1. The need to cleanse dead claims

    yeah we wiped the world now :)
  2. So I have managed to locate and piece together a Minecraft Launcher for 1.13 and above. It should have no issues for the near future..but who knows as Mojang like to break things. Link here: Download Installation OR Download the attachment.
  3. Here's the launcher that we'll officially be supporting/using. Enjoy:
  4. no action needed New world?

    It now has a new world ! :)
  5. denied req

    AFter your bot spam attacks and threats of 'revenge' , I think its safe to say.....:
  6. unbanned UnBan Request For Range Ip Ban

    You may join
  7. Feed The Beast Server

    hey you can certainly join! , this thread was for our OLD ftb server, we now use FTB Infinity Evolevd , and you're more than welcome to join. :)
  8. accepted My Verification Request

    Accepted! :D
  9. enjy has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified
  10. files

    Sorry server files are not distributed in our copy of the game. Apologies for any inconvenience caused =\
  11. Lost my original user?

    What was your original username ?
  12. Random Epic Screenshots

  13. Random Epic Screenshots

  14. Random Epic Screenshots

    So randomly walking around, I found some epic builds/homes/shops and I will continue to update this post as and when I see them. :) Let me know if you're the owner of one of the builds and I'll add your name to it :) Feel free to post your screenshots too!
  15. Lost my original user?

    I'm sorry but I have literally no experience with single player. So I can't really advise on that however.... If you can locate your save game files from 7.2.4 and send me them, I could take a look and see I can resolve this for you.