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  1. Hello there, the limit is there for a reason. I assume increasing this limit would only harm server performance which is not what I wish to do. This being said, if you're simply being told "nearby" is the issue then perhaps living elsewhere would be a better idea? Alternatively, you could play on our second server which does include offline raid protection unless that's what you do not like.
  2. Okay, so in light of the whole "raiding" issue, I have re-opened the second ark server which has offline raid protection enabled. All other settings remain the same. Please note that as a result of offline raid protection being enabled, ARK automaticallyl disables and prevents Tribe Alliances. There's currently no way around this.
  3. Hello all, I was recently trying to return to playing ARK and discovered that once again, there are a lot of terrible people in this game. The reason I stopped playing initially was because people will rain/destroy your base not because they want what you have but rather because its fun... this destroys the game for me...and I cannot imagine how many other people have joined, started making a base...and by the next day..its all gone. The worst thing is, they don't just break in and steal the stuff, they will literally break and destroy everything inside too. Even down to a wooden chair...for what purpose? It's just terrible. Once again, this has happened, I started building, the next day, its raided and gone. Something must be done to protect new players from this behavior...and so I was looking into the settings on the server and decided to using this configuration generator which will populate the server configs with ALL of the default settings so that I can see exactly what we can change/tweak to our needs. Naturally, as this is overrides the original settings there is a chance it can cause unexpected side effects. So far, I have been made aware of a few things such as: No Tribe alliances. (UPDATE: Should be fixed as of 09/11/2017 GMT) Limited tamed dinos. (UPDATE: Should be fixed as of 09/11/2017 GMT) possible issue with weight limit I am investigating these at present and will resolve the above ASAP. In the mean time, please post with any further issues you discover or things you believe will help the server. Here is a list of things that we INTENDED to change and some additional things I discovered and decided to change aswell. Increased difficulty setting to allow higher level dinos. (225) Increased damage that defensive items deal by 200%. (Such as spikes) Reduced damage structures take to aid in defense of a base by. Enabled Offline raid protection (Had to undo this because it was the cause of tribes not being able to create alliances with other Tribes) Increased the amount of resources you can obtain from harvestable items, trees, rocks e.t.c.
  4. Hello, if I remember correctly. You and abunch of other users from your server were sending the discord link to many different users asking themto join. promsiing them with admin and other things. This does not sound like a "I accidently posted in a channel full of people" to me...when not only you but others from the same server were sending these messages to all of our users...
  5. incomplete

    This may be difficult as if you're here then you probably got banned for breaking a rule which implies you did not read the rules so what I'm about to say may also be difficult but could you please read the topic that says "READ THIS BEFORE POSTING" as it includes information on how you post an unban request correctly. Create a NEW unban request with the correct details included. What you have posted is not an unban request... it is a "I cannot be bothered to follow instructions but can you unban me anyway?" and what is the likely hood of the admin that banned you accepting that unban request?
  6. ARK Server updated to v273.2
  7. accepted

    ACcetped, please pm me when youre ingame and I willg et you added.
  8. accepted

    Accepted, please pm me and I will get you added when you're ingame
  9. accepted

    Accepted, please let me know when you're ingame and Iw ill get you added :)
  10. accepted

    Accepted, I have to be ingame with you ingame in order to add you. It's quite annoying the way they have changed WorldGuard but yes, when you're on. We can get this done :)
  11. When we first opened the ARK server and I myself was considered a "baby" in the ARK world as I just started playing, loved the game, and decided to host a server in it (like I usually do with games i like). Withouot realising the dangers, we allowed players to transfer their characters from other servers and that like you said, meant they could also download their dinos too. Great right? Wrong. Very very wrong. I don't know if this is your plan which is why you're asking this question but the reason we disabled this option is because around a month in on the server, when players had JUST managed to get decent-ish homes, gathered enough resources, got a bunch of cool dinos e.t.c a very nice individual decided to take advantage of the character download, and downloaded his own character along with dinosaurs that had levels of 908908192893, far beyond anything the server was able to produce or equip to handle. He went from person to person, base to base, destroying everyone and everything he came across. Needless to say, many hours, days, weeks of hard work by many of our community - gone , in a day. We do not feel it is acceptable to put our community at such risks by allowing players to download their characters or dinos. We also found out that characters themselves could be leveld up just like the dinos on another server, gain a melee damage of an insane level and then join other servers that allow character download and without even needing to get tools, weapons or dinos...could literally punch a metal wall and break it with their hand. Again, this is FAR too dangerous to allow on the server. This is perfectly understandable and as far as I know, (which is quite difficult to predict) we have increased certain things to allow you to earn and unlock all engrams. If this isn't the case, then it certainly should let you unlock 90%+ of them. Then I suggest you get twenty Rex's of your own and do the same to them. Our server has been operating for quite sometime, if one person is able to use the materials we provide on our server without the need for character download and can kill you or break into your base then there's nothing at all that is stopping YOU from doing the same to them. This boils down to skill, dedication, and luck. They did not have character download to get what they have why should you be treated differently? When we first opened our server, everything you see now is considered the "full game". The creatures you speak of, are NOT part of the map that we run on our server that is why you do not see those creatures in the world. If you want those creatures in the server then the only way that would ever happen would be if we changed our server to run the map in which they spawn. Sorry but we don't intend right now to change the servers map to the other one but that does not mean the game incomplete , that is just your opinion based on not having access to something you want access to, which are two entirely separete things. As do I , but enabling character download so that our community is at risk of 1 person deciding to destroy everyones base in 10mins is not exactly going to achieve that, infact I think it would completely counter that.
  12. I think that resetting the END will not solve the problem as in its current state, all that will happen is donators will fly to the citie and take all the shulkers at once and we're back to square one. It'd be pretty much pointless... So that is not the best idea, so what if we disable fly? Well, yes. This should prevent donators from doing the above. However, also as mentioned above, this will simply encourage people to cheat as since they cannot fly with donator, and the only alternative way to fly is to cheat...they will naturally do that. Not saying our donators would do this but in general, it would be the next best thing. Even if donators COULD fly, people could easily install cheats to fly (for free) and get the shoulkers which again defeats the purpose. So how can we really make it fair for all but not overly complicated....well....that's is very tough question and so what if we took the control out of players hand, and said, well, must answer some questions about the server. Will this solve the issue? Unfortunately not. If you imagine, the questions players would have to ask, would be about the server, and there's no "unlimited" amount of questions that could be created, it woul dhave to be questions that players could easily find the answer to thus our questions database would be pretty restricted. This being said, not only would there be a limited amount of questions that could be asked but also you will find player A telling Player B the answers to the questions so that he/she could get the shoulkers too. OR even worse, Player A created a second account in order to get the SHoulkers, this is assuming we limited the question-answering to 1 per account. Because, if we didnt, they could just answer the questions over an over an over again getting free this does not seem like the best path to take evidently....which brings us back to square one..... I think our ONLY legit, "free" and "to not easy" way to give players shoulkers without compromising the rarity of it all...and not encouraging cheating or multiplpe account abuse e.t.c would be if we perhaps add shoulker's as a "winnable" item to something like The Lottery. This is fee based, so it would require you to be somewhat active on the server....but it would not compromise the rarity of it all. Your thoughts?
  13. The fun world was a world that we randomly changed to diferent things depending on what cool thing we found at the time but yeah we did have parkour in there which im happy to put back or if you have another map yo uknow is quite good, that'd be fine too. we once had an adventure map in there, with like puzzles an shit, that was quite epic :D
  14. ARK Server updated to v271.0
  15. Server running version: 268.255


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