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  1. Server running version: 268.255
  2. When is the server going to be updated? As this question comes up so many times, I thought I will make a topic. First things first, do NOT update your game without checking whether the server has been updated or not. You will be left without anyway of downgrading and most importantly, you will not be able to protect your base whilst the server is running a different version than yourself. Now, the big question - WHEN we will update the server? quite simply we will update the server once we feel the update is stable. We will NEVER automatically update the server the moment a new version has been released. Why wont we do that? Because unfortunately when they release new versions, quite often there are bug(s) that are not fixed untill a few more updates are released and as such, we will NEVER update the server as soon as an update is released. We will normally allow at least 1 week after an update before we update the server. Ensure you check the server has been updated before you update your game. Please not ask us to update the server everyday....this will not change our decision. We will update the server at the earliest of 7 days after an update is released.
  3. NeO_CheeKu if you actually manage to complete this , I will award $500 to you and each person you deem to have helped sufficiently building this as I would very much like to see such a thing! :)
  4. resolved

    Please ignore my last message. I can see that the tools in which we used were incorrectly telling us that the IP is located in Romania whilst infact, it is not and it is indeed Saudi Arabia. We will look into that but in regards to your unban request. We have whitelisted you so you may join the server whilst we investigate Awsoemgamer further. Apologies :)
  5. resolved

    Why did he play today using an IP address in Romania ?
  6. resolved

    So awesomegamer lives in Saudi Arabia yes?
  7. resolved

    I did not ban you so the original admin will need to step in with that part, but initallyl looking into this. It would seem going by IPs used to join the server, your IP is the most frequently used IP under his name too. This implies that he is spending more time at your house than his own... Which by the way, I can't find any other IP address for so far....except random countries outside of saudi arabia. Do you have any comment on this?
  8. denied

    Then stop cheating?
  9. incomplete

    Please post a request that includes the above since your friend cannot read, put all the details relating to him instead. Though, if he cannot read and therefore does not know the rules, if he were to be unbanned. What is stopping him from doing this all again and getting banned again? Do you think we will just keep unbanning him ? Anyway, do as the above. And create a new unban request with the correct details.
  10. resolved

    How often does your friend use your internet to play here? Does he have internet at his own house?
  11. accepted

    Accepted, I will try to add you now if it does not work, let me know and we'll have to do it when youre online at the time.
  12. ARK Server updated to v264.53
  13. incomplete

    Because the first message in this topic does not contain the information we requested in order to represent a proper request. In complete requests are marked as such and are not considered. As advised, you need to make a new topic with the information we requested and it will instead be labelled pending or by default nothing depending on how this part of the forum is setup.

    If you had/have read the pinned topic that says "READ FIRST" you would know the following:
  15. denied

    Athough gogo shouldnt be posting to someone elses unban request, he made a very valid point which you pretty much confirmed. If you use a client that includes illegal mods whether they're activated (being used) or not is completely irrelevant. You're not permitted to have the client period because it contains illegal mods. Illegal mods are outlined in the !help mods command but put simply, any mod that allows you an unfair advantage is illegal unless specified in !help mods. That's why things like maps and NEI are perfectly acceptable to have since they do not create any unfair advantage over other players to the level at which xray and fly e.t.c would. Thus it is illegal and so is your client whether you turned them off or not, it is not what we ask. We ask you to remove them - not turn them off. Anyway, whoever the banning admin is will cast their verdict here.


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