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  1. For those of you that use Steam, you can add your steam account to the forum , simply enter your steam name on your profile and it will display random steam users on the home page and your recent steam activity info on the profile :)
  2. There's isnt much you can put into your computer to make it run better except mroe ram. Alternatively you could REDUCE things that are running, even system services like "Themes" arent needed to play the game. Ensure you set all settings to their lowest possible option too
  3. Yes and no, it's alive in the sense it exists and some people play GTA V Still who are apart of the crew, but that's about as far as it goes most of us dont play GTA V I think now?
  4. Hello all, so if you're familiar with Discord, please join us on: If you're not sure what Discord is, it is an application that seemingly merges Skype, TeamSpeak and IRC all into one application. It's quite cool, I must say. You can obtain it from the discord website, just google it.
  5. aka processors ram chips? erm , yeah so the server name is Team-NeO ARK #1 or something, its on our home page where it says ARK. Just look for team neo in the server list.
  7. unbanned

    Seems we reduced the cost of the warning removal to £4 at somepoint int he past.... I thought it was still £10 and I know for a fact we havent recieved a £10 donation. Secondly you couldnt find the transaction number whilst posted the entire transaction INCLUDING the transaction number we anyway, i will check what warnings should have been removed and confirm this donation. [UPDATE] Confirmed, all warnings except the most recent one have been removed, valco will reassess this request.
  8. unbanned

    No, it means exactly what it says. So by breaking a specific rule, you're agreeing to accept all and any punishment upto the maximum of what is specified, in this instance, ban.
  9. resolved

    due to no response , will mark this as resolved
  10. unbanned

    I'm still reading the rest and investigating the issue but just wanted to comment on this part, so what you're saying is you paid £10 (which is a decent amount of money compared with our other donation options) and you didnt receive what you paid for so just left it and forgot about it? I think this is unlikely... but if you have actually paid for this, please provide some information to allow me to locate this and I will of course honour it as we would never offer something and not provide it, especially if it is something you'd pay for. Just read this part , so what you're saying is that, aslong as no one is around to report or tell you to stop, you're perfectly allowed to break server rules? Do you not see how the logic behind this is heavily flawed? If what you say IS perfectly acceptable, this would mean anyone and everyone can go and use xray and other illegal mods when no admins/players are online since no one will be there to tell you to stop or to report you......right? Thus everyone should then xray and cheat, just not when other people are online. Is that what you're saying? I don't think anything here needs "Fixing" other than your logic Scotty, sorry but this logic you have is wayyyyy off in the clouds somewhere at the moment. Whether someone is there or not, and whether someone reports or tells you to stop or not is COMPLETELY irrelevant. The server rules are there and apply to EVERYONE at ALL times, you do not get to decide when you can or cannot abide by them. Simple as that...
  11. myrvalco has been promoted to: Minecraft Admin
  12. @XtremeZer0 An admin has vouched for you I will send you the link.
  13. Your request was approved from before so just posting this to confirm this. any admins to vouch for thehellguy?
  14. That looks awesome Wiz :D


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