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    good luck if you become a verified i request toasts on my mailbox everyday
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    Hope you get it enjy, cause my pw build is big and lol I need someone to help out real bad haha. It would also be fun to work on a project I have in mind after we are done with both our builds. I'll prob get Valco to help out too xD he knows he wants to hehehe :). A lot of what I'm doing at the start is rinse and repeat so yeah and even just making the foundation of the build will take a while.
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    Realy hope you could get it soon. Want to finish that build and get onto the 2 island builds.
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    Thank you for that positive comment, Jay. Well, I think it's clear that I have returned with pure intentions; that is, helping people and doing whatever good I can do for them. I believe that my behaviour before was just unacceptable, and it did not lead anywhere rather than into having fights with people I respected or even with newcomers whom I did not know at all. So, I am just doing a new beginning, befriending everyone and having fun. :smile:


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