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    hello amre. your unban request is incomplete. please read this edit the post. do not make a new one
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    hello everyone i'm very sorry for insulting or anyting i have do i just want to play in this survival server so please unban me
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    hi all admins and players i'm so sorry for insulting and connect from another accouunt when i get banned and impersonating i for does't learns about from my mistakes beacause i did not understand the english and i have banned the 21 jan2017 so if you can unban me i will get really happy guys
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    I would advise you to make yourself a better unban request... while you have 9 warns on your name "amre" for many reasons not only insulting.. you are warned for spamming insulting and more than that impersonating admins and ban evading.. so i believe you should make an unban request that equals all the rules you broke and was warned for..
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    hello hocus, i have told you that you should not make a new post regarding your unban request. this post will be locked and marked as denied
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    so you would like to be unbanned if you can behave ? so you don't know if you can behave ?
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    if you are not able to edit the post. please reply to this post with the valid information
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    i heard someone say ALIENS http://zipansion.com/3pFPL here you go
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    If you've never met him, how could you see he's a "calm player"? This is also for BFH...
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    http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/you_24b45b_2681072.jpg :D
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    Happy birthday Pony bro :) ~>Dom#
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    goodluck i think you would be great for the platoon :)
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    My in game name is: HocusMavis My reason for bannishment is: I was insulting players My reason for me getting unbanned is I will like like to be unbanned if I can behave I was banned on Sep.30 2018 My shuelculed unbann is Oct.14 2018 I want to be unbanned sooner