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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, i'm Zeref and first i like to play team neo server, and minecraft neo server is a great Minecraft server and i want to become an Verified Player To help people Why i want to be Verified?? it's because i like to help people and people who joined team neo i can help them , and i want to become friendly and helpful Verified Player. i know i say those words are not interested , but i want to become an verified player to help people and help those newbie who don't know how to play. and, can i be an verified player :biggrin:, thanks for reading this. READ PLEASE THANKS PLEASE
  2. Hello nice to meet you i am Acnologia123, I am ready to be an Verified Player because I like to help people like sh3p47 helpped me and i will help people from now on i wanted to be an verified player my reason why i want to be an Verified Player I like to help and be helped as well,I will respect everybody I like this Server but i need to focus on my study Please,Accept my request to be Verified :smile:
  3. In Game Name 00Fraday00 Your Age: 15 How long you've played BF Hardline For: 1 month Why you would like to become a Platoon Member: i been playing team neo server 4 month's, i love to play this server i wanna be a part of platoon team, because i am enjoying playing with friends and helping people, i know i may not be the best player in the server but, i do my own bussiness, :D Do you consider yourself to be someone that often rages/curses in chat: No I don't , i don't Rage, Thanks For Readings I HOPE you accept me as a platoon team :)
  4. 00Fraday00

    - InGame Name: 00Fraday00 - Your Age: 15 - How long you've played BF Hardline For: About 2 months - Have you ever been Admin on another BFHardline Server Before?: No - Why you would like to become Admin: Generally I like being an administrator. I am already an administrator for the browser games Hero Zero, Big Bang Empire and Operation X You will find me in all their forums (except the German one) under the same name as here, and since I Iike Battlefield Hardline, I would like to do something more than just play it. I would like to help the community and ensure that the server is free from hackers, glitchers and so on. An administrator of a server should be a responsible and mature person, who will not abuse his/her powers, and I believe I have what it takes.
  5. i am very interested in Verified :D i read all the rules and i will be a trusted player.
  6. DJ For Goverment!

    22nd February 2015 Dear Team NeO Applying For Verified Why would I be applying for this role? I am applying for this role since i started playing Team NeO in 2009—{Present} I have always wanted this opportunity to be a fellow welcoming & responsible member of the NeO team. I will meet and greet and make sure NeO Members can have the best experience possible! I am a “Online most of the time” member who likes to involve himself in as much of the action as possible. I would like to say the “NeO” Admins have done a cracking job and If i get this role I will carry on in there foot steps. {I would throw myself into things as much as possible}. Time on NeO Since 1.0 i’ve always wanted to be a fellow member of this community, and in 2.0 the server has grown a lot. More people have come to the server, also In 2.0 the head admins have added many different aspects of the 1.0 experience, like donation levels, different hub, option to be verified, and admins, the website has brought attention to new players etc. People who want to hack, there is no point trying to hack it makes player’s frustrated and give’s the members an unfair advantage, and with the many admins NeO has you will be spotted and will be found, Even a small report on the report system can help remove the hacker from the server! I would like to offer my time to the server and being a Verified Player would give me the responsibility I am looking for. Many Thanks DJCastle612