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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everyone! You might know me, you might not know me, let me introduce myself. I, Scotty69/96 (2 Accounts Haha), am a extraordinaire player, more like assassin to some players, just the ones who deserve to taste my sword, from rule breakers to toxic players. This is not our topic, I'm getting off topic here, lol. So, I'd like to become a verified player, after I came back from ages, I used to play here since Neo 1.0, when pacman used to be here, bunnyminer, alex12345, and many other players. So.. I think I should be verified as I might think of applying for staff later, after I get used to the new plugins and everything, I'd also like to help players, after I see many players wondering what to do and why is that not allowed. Verified would just give me a high reputation too, so I could earn more trust from new players and old players, and they would be sure that I am not a scammer, or a new player killer **mhmm RedFlameMaster, mmmhhhm"... I guess that this should take some time for Anderson and Voltron to think of it, take your time fellows, I'm here for a long time :tongue:! Thank you for reading this thread and taking it into consideration, Kind Regards, Scotty
  2. Howdy, Draston here. I'd like to join private world for the pure enjoyment of just creating things. I enjoy building many creative things, that I find interesting. In World_3 I've already built a big tree, a waterfall, a cat statue, crying ghost child (FNAF references~) and a snow globe. Sure, I do plan on building a house there too, but nothing too extravagant like the others. I am but a simple guy. Anyhoozle, as for the holiday/vacation thing, that won't be a problem. I play regularly. I leave the rest up to you, head admin. Bye-nara :P
  3. Private world request

    I faithmurphy13 (Faithy) Would like to have permission in the private world to build I feel as if I should be considered to be able to build in the world because i'm alright at building and have many many creative ideas. My intentions are thatI have fabulous ideas such as a permanent home or a castle and it'll all be amazing. :3 Also I have no warnings at all so you've got no worries there, and no I have no upcoming holidays and no reason to be inactive for a while! :D <3 P.s I'm still fabulous.