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Found 4 results

  1. Hi NeO community, Sweeperkaas here, so yeah here is a little bit about me, myself and I. I love mc but in recent times I needed to find something to well spice up my mc gameplay a bit. So for the last 2 months I've been playing various Mod Packs, Mostly on FTB Beyond and Sky Factory, currently I'm also play Age of Engineering. Well I kind of am hooked to it so it takes a lot to go back to normal mc but still now I seem to have more fun playing normal mc even more. So far I've quite enjoyed these 3 Mod Packs a lot, luckily we had FTB Beyond server and I was finaly exposed to modded mc xD. From then on I went Modded mc like mad haha. Anyway lol now that you get me, I'm willing to try and open Up a SF3 which Team NeO related, althou most of all the management and stuff I would like to leave to Anderson, since my work is not the most convenient thing to adress issues with that my happen on a server. So for those that are interested in wanting to have a Team NeO - SF3 server, go have fun and test it out, leave your comments below, then dependend on how comments go. I think Anderson and I should discuss on it pending feedback below and maybe see how we could arrange to add this to the community. Please take Note that those considered to be whitelisted will be at the full discrection of Team NeO head admin Mr. Anderson if and when, if at all we were to implement the server Kind Regards, Sweeperkaas (^_^)
  2. New Content?

    Hello my name is Phantom and i would like to know if you would ever add spawners to the server?
  3. Hello all!! Just wanted to let you all know that our Shopping District is now officially open!!! You can buy and sell to the server in the shopping district. (More shops coming soon) Here is a few screenshots of the shopping district, hope you enjoy!
  4. General Server Rules as of: 25/01/2015 Rule 1: Respect each other. Rule 2: No Racism of any form. Including but not limited to; Structures, Names, Sign Text, Messages in chat, PMs Rule 3: Do not cause harm to the server or it's performance via any means.. Rule 4: No ugly or pointless creations. Rule 5: No Spamming. Rule 6: Do not exploit bugs or accept items that were obtained by bug exploitation. If you're unsure, don't accept it. "Good idea at the time" is not a valid excuse. Rule 7: Do not cheat in any way shape or form. Rule 8: Do not ask admins to spawn items into the game or "get back" items that you lost as a result of your actions or PVP. Rule 9: Do not sethome, sethome2 or setwarps INSIDE someone elses building/structure or on their claim without their permission. Rule 10: Do not claim someone elses structure/building. Current Server Policies/Guidelines as of: 25/01/2015 World Rules as of: 25/01/2015 World: Survival PVP 1 (world_3) PVP: Enabled everywhere that is not claimed. Claims/Protections: Allowed Official PVP Arenas: None & Disallowed. Donator Abilities: Full Access World: Survival PVP 2 (world_2) PVP: Enabled everywhere that is not claimed. Claims/Protections: Allowed Official PVP Arenas: None & Disallowed. Donator Abilities: Full Access World: Games World (games) PVP: Disabled (Unless specific game permits it) Claims/Protections: Disallowed Official PVP Arenas: None & Disallowed. Donator Abilities: Restricted Access Violation of any of these rules will result in punishment. For a guide on the possible punishments, see ingame /rules. These are subject to change and you should not assume that this is the only punishment we will hand out.