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Found 21 results

  1. Player: coolgirl Reason: Offensive language, and she is even talking bad about me to other people Attached is the screenshots. Though i am not able to capture the tpa spams since i ignored it
  2. First of all, I wan't just to say hello to all admins and say to them that the server is cool, keep up with the great work ;) And two, i wan't to talk about the subject to ban players. I have an experiment with getting banned with my account (amre) and i was very sad, Getting banned is a big problem to anyone, But now i'm really sorry for what happen and what i did ;( :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: My In-Game name is:amre Reason I was banned: I was getting so much warning from admins Reason I should be unbanned: I'm really sorry to all people that i say bad words to them i promise this will never be again Other comments that may help the situation: I hope you understand my situation, i love the server and i love all admins, but i did some things that make them angry, and i promise now, i promise (from my hearth) that will never happen again. And a last message to all others players : NEVER NEVER NEVER do something to make admins angry !! -Peace (and plz unban) amre PS : I joined a gift to ;) hope you accept it !
  3. Free ban...

    Just im build a house, and boom... >>>>
  4. Unban Request

    My IGN: Scotty69 Reason Got Banned For: Fly Hacking Let me summarize what happened, so I was building, I got fed up, I decided to switch to a fly mod, but an admin caught me, and asked me to switch my version, so I left the server, he thought that I left as if I refused, but I told him that I am switching my version, here (btw that's my afking account): [21:35:26] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <JeyJey> Im switching my version.. Don't tell me that he didn't see that msg, because he said that I'm using a 2nd account. [21:35:47] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <[iii]Kangopt> he's playing with two diffrent accounts I'm not sure of this, but I've seen some admins allow players to continue if they switch their mods. I think that I should be unbanned for the information / evidence above. If the ban is valid, well, I promise that I would not do it again, you could take my word.
  5. im just a refugee from tadjikistan and plus sheep was insulting me so i got salty and responded and this server doesnt have too many players and i just play time to time and people really cant take the irony in my jokes </3
  6. I’m typing to you today to apologize for my immaturity of threatening to “ddos” NeO back in 2015. I’ve been keeping an eye on NeO and would wish to rejoin such a thriving community and to see how the NeO is doing and every now and then come on and communicate with the new players and some of the old players, I say “every now and then” because some of my weekdays I am busy with preparing revising for my GCSE’s which I’m having later in 2017. I appealed back in October 2015 and hadn’t changed even though I said I did, I was wrong. Now reflecting on it in 2016 I’d like to have that opportunity to come on and communicate with the players and to play Minecraft.P Previous name: djcastle612
  7. My In-Game name is: amr Reason I was banned: using a bug Reason I should be unbanned: iam so sorry i didn't notice that its a bug first but i mistake and continued. i will never use any bugs again.its my first warn and ban and i apologise to using this bug. Other comments that may help the situation: i cant bear waiting 3 days i only play in team neo server and i only play this game. i love u all teamneo and i hope to get unbanned and unwarned from the name or the ip. i'd like to continue my work fast and enjoy playing in this amazing server..My brother is playing in the server in the same network and he got banned as well. Thank you for reading. :happy: :sad: :sad: :sad: :ohmy: :ohmy:

    u know what i love this server, admins, owner, players everyone ok just everyone he(agentxnihal) wasn't hacking so no one told anything i use p0rnhu8 yea right LMAO FAM and i dont want boyfriend i just wanted to say jerk OFF viciously!! this is never unfair i am fed up with myself everyone is a god here yea and OWNER ADMINS PLAYERS love EVRYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am never joining the server back u GORGEOUS beings hhhhhhh

    Yea , I got a 2 weeks ban for homophobic behaviour... Shouldn't I get just muted for that kind of behaviour . I mean give me 1 year mute , I don't care , but why ban? Oh well I might be wrong but still , my opinion ~TobiasGrahl
  10. BloodyWolfff's Unban Request

    Dear Anderson, I would like to get a better understanding upon why I am banned. Yes I poured lava on the players, but however, was I breaking any rules? If pouring lava on someone is against the rules... Then how is the Admin allowed to poured lava on me and dug a lava pool over me? Secondly, as soon as the Admin told me to take away my set home and/or clan base I did that, however, I tp to another person and I was able to get back to the place. From my view point I haven't broke any rules so therefore I would like for you to oversee my concerns and/or give me a better understanding. Thank you! -BloodyWolfff
  11. i got banded for no reson plz unbademe
  12. Unbaned

    Sorry for my trouble please you can unbaned me
  13. i want to be unbanned

    i didnt know why my ip banned becuase of my brother.i know that my brother is hacker and me not. where all using in one computer and in disame ip so plsss forgive me to be unnbanned :(
  14. So most of you know that when I was on the Team-Neo server I was literally a little shite. Now, maybe it was because I liked testing the limits, maybe it was because of people influencing me... Im not sure what was happening in my mind. Now that I have been banned for about... I don't know? 4-6 months? I have stopped being a 2 year old and would like to request to be unbanned because I really did enjoy the team-neo server... I know that it will probably be a no, but hey, its worth a try, you never get anywhere in life if you don't ask, thanks for taking the time to read my request to be unbanned and I hope you do consider it because I would be really grateful for another chance despite having so many. Thank You For Reading, Alex Pickup.
  15. Hello, I am willing to be unbanned due to the six months. During the time period I have grown up a lot and don't tend to threaten ridiculous hacking threats such as 'Ddosing' the day I got banned was the day I regretted for a long time, I never expected to lose half of my friends from the community. I sometimes sat at the side thinking how ridiculous that was for someone like me, I started to realise what Anderson meant by how I was immature, I looked back and released how really stupid I was.. I have changed names several times from 'DJCastle612' which I found was a bit childish to be honest, and came up with the name Xperience, It's related with a lot of names in-games such as 'XP' and 'Experience'. Also, I watched the latest birthday video.. It was truly amazing, how a community has come a long and improved for nine years! I want to apologise for my behaviour back six months ago, for all the problems I personally caused, and for loosing people, wonderful people, such as BlockLord or the rest of the community members which I appreciated, and that were my friends... I wouldn't just apologise to them I would also like to apologise to Anderson and Voltron, and all the rest of the Administrators and Moderators in this community. Thank you, Xperience (DJCastle612) I also forgot to mention in the topic; Involving what happened 6 months ago, (The banning of DJCastle612)
  16. Ban for joking ?

    i was just joking with SenpaiDiamond not insulting him And got banned
  17. PLEASE SERVER PLEASE I WANT TO BE UNBANNED AND IM SO SO SORRY THAT I USE THE ACCOUNTS PLEASE I WONT DO IT AGAIN PLEASE I WILL FOLLOW THE RULES OR READ IT PLEASE I SWEAR I WONT DO IT AGAIN PLEASE MAKE UNBANNED :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: PLEASE
  18. Neo-anderson

    I'm sorry for using the accounts from someone or anyone because we didnt know it was his or hers account :sad: please unbanned me please.I WONT DO IT AGAIN PROMISE
  19. My In-Game name is: Aviator Reason I was banned: The mod Gamma banned me for not answering his questions which led him to believe that I was hiding something. Reason I should be unbanned: I didn't know Gamma was a mod as his name didn't have Neo_ in it. So i thought he was just a player messing with me and chose to ignore him. Gamma's ban reason was: Not replying to questions and refusing to remove the mods. Other comments that may help the situation: I'm sorry that I might have disrespected the Team's Mods and I hope this will never happen again.
  20. Got banned for no reason!

    I was just minning underground, i did not found any diamond for a long time (for more than 2 hours). I was just going through a cave and there was lava in front of me, so i turned and started minning towards left, after a while i found some diamonds under me (i was very happy). Then suddenly FAITHY said that i am using xray but i was not using any xray , she was saying again and again that i have xray and i told her many times that i had no xraybut she was saying that i am using one. She banned me after a while. (she also killed me and took my stuff for no reason, i want justice) I want justice and all my stuff back.


Founded on 15/10/2006 by NeO_Anderson.



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