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Found 6 results

  1. I think that the players are toxic that they literally try to fake report me. Nella11, a rank abuser who apparently had anti-knockback when I shot her nearly to death, then she decided to fly away, lol. This is her 5th time doing this... I warned her about it tons of times.. They even decide to change the accusation to me, saying random mod names and that I use them, such kids, they are toxic because I kill them, wow kids.
  2. His invalid warning request deserves a second look as our appeal section in the website would not include the punctuation or paragraph formatting making it appear that he was reporting another player when in reality he was stating the report in which he was accused. Yes. I did notice a structure in the desert that was mainly built by carl667 but was unclaimed so I mailed him telling him he should probably claim it so that it doesn't get griefed. I am posting this here on his behalf as he is having technical difficulties with creating or using a existing forum account.
  3. Hi, i'm Zeref and first i like to play team neo server, and minecraft neo server is a great Minecraft server and i want to become an Verified Player To help people Why i want to be Verified?? it's because i like to help people and people who joined team neo i can help them , and i want to become friendly and helpful Verified Player. i know i say those words are not interested , but i want to become an verified player to help people and help those newbie who don't know how to play. and, can i be an verified player :biggrin:, thanks for reading this. READ PLEASE THANKS PLEASE
  4. sk8erace1

    HI ill got banned for no reason can you unban me? i want to play team neo and it the best server can you guys unban me :( ... well thanks i'm talking nice :D thanks please unban me and sorry
  5. Got banned for no reason!

    I was just minning underground, i did not found any diamond for a long time (for more than 2 hours). I was just going through a cave and there was lava in front of me, so i turned and started minning towards left, after a while i found some diamonds under me (i was very happy). Then suddenly FAITHY said that i am using xray but i was not using any xray , she was saying again and again that i have xray and i told her many times that i had no xraybut she was saying that i am using one. She banned me after a while. (she also killed me and took my stuff for no reason, i want justice) I want justice and all my stuff back.


Founded on 15/10/2006 by NeO_Anderson.



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