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Found 3 results

  1. Ark: Survival Evolved Server [CRACKED] Current server feature(s): Taming speed boosted Gathering Resources speed boosted Experience Gained is boosted Gamma settings Enabled/Allowed Boosted Breeding and Maturing Our ARK Evolved Server has the following rule(s): Do not block or build in caves or other areas of the map that are deemed important. If you're unsure , ask an admin or post on the forum. Do not use any form of 'cheat' or 'hack'. Be respectful to each other, especially new comers. Whilst raiding is fun and a part of the game, please try to avoid raiding new comers as they obviously won't have anything anyway and you're only ruining the gaming experience for them. If we find that you're making the lives of our players hell for the fun of it, we will take action. Tribe leaders and members are responsible for the action(s) of their own Tribe members/leaders. If one of you violates the rule, we will treat this as a TRIBE not an individual. If you for any reason suspect a tribe member of possible rule violations, remove them. Admin(s) will issue punishments to the tribe regardless. Harsh? Maybe... but these rules aren't exactly complicated or difficult to follow. If any of the rules above are deemed by an admin to have been broken he/she can issue any punishment they see fit which CAN include deleting everything you've ever done on the server. Admin(s) do not have to give you prior warning to issuing punishment if they find evidence to support and confirm a rule break.

    About: The Private World is a world that is permanent. It does not get reset when a new version of minecraft is released or for any other reason. It contains no underground ores or "unfair advantages" it simply provides a SAFE place that those that meet the criteria can come and build knowing that what they build will never be lost! Building Restrictions: There are no real building restrictions other than the fact that common sense should be used. This means don't go building 1 block towers or things that are completely ugly or pointless. Don't go building things that consume such a vast amount of land that makes it impossible for others to build things. The world is huge and unlimited like a normal world but that doesn't mean you should take the piss about it! If you're unsure that your creation will be too big or not, please ask a HeadAdmin. In most instances it will be allowed, this is just to stop someone from making a 300x300 square wall and then leaving it. Entry Requirements: Anyone is allowed to ENTER the Private World, they just will not be able to build or do anything in there. It would be a "viewing" only world from non-authorised players but those that are authorised will be able to build anywhere and break anything. This means you should claim your land like you do in any other world. (Just incase) As with all things, HeadAdmins hold the right to decline a request for reasons they specify if they feel it is needed. Criteria Required To Build: Currently, and these are highly subject to change we expect: 1) Played here for at least 3 months most of which you would have been active for. 2) 0 warnings surrounding Griefing or anything of that nature. This also extends to those that have griefed whilst plugins were down or abused any bugs that would allow you to grief and have done so. Known by members of Staff and are deemed trust worthy (You don't need to be Verified) Posting your request: You must include the following: Your in-game name. Reason why we should consider adding you to this world. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? PS: Make sure you create your own topic/post do not reply to this one. How we will process your request: There is no set time, we will simply check this randomly and whenever WE choose to, we will accept or decline your request. Please don't pester HeadAdmins to check your request. This will be an automatic decline. When WE are looking to add new people to the world, we will check here ourselves. The system is based on a first come first serve basis. The quicker you put your post in, the sooner you will be added (if accepted). Only a HeadAdmin will be able to DECLINE/ACCEPT a request, everyone else can leave opinions but thats about all. We will tell you whether you have been accepted or declined by closing your topic and setting the Subject to [DECLINE] or [ACCEPTED]. We may also post a reply too.
  3. How can I be unbanned? This all depends on why/when/how you got banned. If you were banned for violating rules and you agree the ban is valid. Then you can post here to express your apologies and beg for forgiveness. This does not mean you will be unbanned - this means you're asking nicely to be unbanned and it will be down to either the admin that banned you, or HeadAdmin(s) to lift the ban. No one else can do it if the ban is valid and justified. If the ban is not justified and you feel that the ban placed is invalid meaning you did not commit the crime that you're banned for, then you must goto: is the appeals page. Invalid bans can ONLY be processed by a HeadAdmin and whatever decision is made, is final. This is all done on the Appeals page. What are the tags? [INCOMPLETE] = This will be given to an unban request in the following scenarios: You did not post the answers to the questions we required (shown below) You did not respond within a reasonable time to a question we asked or statement we posed. You created multiple unban requests. The unban request was incorrectly posted or is now resolved without any action needed from us. [UNBANNED] = This will be given to an unban request in the following scenarios: An admin has approved the request and has 'unbanned' you. [DENIED] = This will be given to an unban request in the following scenarios: Your unban request has been declined. The reason(s) will usually be stated in the last reply to the topic which will then be locked. If you wish to appeal this decision you can do so via the website. Appeals will be processed by HeadAdmins. What must I include in my unban request? You should copy and paste the following statement and include the relevant answer(s): Who can unban me? Only the admin that banned you has the power to unban you. Other admins can comment and provide feedback or point out corrections that you need to make to your unban request but ultimately, only the admin that originally banned you or a Senior Admin+ can issue the unban command. Who can post replies? The only people that should be posting replies to unban requests should be Verified players or higher and of course the banned player. This is to keep the forum clean and the information provided accurate. All other posts can/will be deleted and the poster issued with a warning.


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