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Found 8 results

  1. age: 19 location: united kingdom steam: bruntz2013 origin id : bruntz2013 real name: Dan bruntnell how long have I played battlefield hardline for?: from beta access reasons for wanting to be part of neo?: the reason I am applying to join your clan/group is because I only now play on your server and I enjoy it a lot the neo group are very friendly give out good advice and are fair! maybe in the future if I get accepted I will apply for admin as I do enjoy this game a lot and like to have a good old laugh with the players! will I abide by the rules and regulations: yes do I reply abusive back to rude comments towards me etc.: no I either ignore them or ask people to stop please as im just trying to enjoy the game and play fair why would it be good for neo to take me on as a clan member?: because I would be online quite active when I can and as I can! and ill put a lot of input and effort into watching over the server to make sure that everything is running smooth and that people are not being abusive or breaking server rules also to provide a good friendly chat to those who do talk and to have fun alongside other players thank you for consideration on my application.
  2. name: lel_u_wot_m8 Age: 19 played bf hardline for 7 months i've never been an admin on another bf hardline server before i would like to become an admin because i want to know the feeling of it and you guys are really cool and have an awesome server
  3. my name is valco and im already part of the platoon ingame name : myrvalco age: 14 (15 in february) How long you've played BF Hardline For: 198 hours Have you ever been Admin on another BFHardline Server Before?: no but i have experience with other games like mincraft :P Why you would like to become Admin: i want to be an admin because i think the server needs more admins if im online i see almost everytime bla1r and sometimes anderson but if there are no andmins online people start complaining ad me :/ and i say everytime im not an admin but they still complain and when im admin (maybe i wont) i could help those peoples who need help and there are alot of domecampers in the server when there are no admins online so we have to vote kick them but thats hard becuase not everyone votes so i want to help people in this server and be part of the NeO staff ;) i hope this is enough information I got a no but i can get a yes :)
  4. i can do my best to be a verified player plss i can do my best. and i can make people happy
  5. Hello there, fellow peoples! It would really be wonderful if I got verified status. Not only would my name be displayed in green, but I be seen as a more trustworthy player who strives for others have an incredible gaming experience.

    Why do i want?Being a verified is a good step of earning a player's trust.Another thing is that becoming a verified player will raise the chance of becoming a server Administrator.Why should become one?I am a trustworthy person.I am helping players by advicing them and answering them questions about the gameplay :). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regards
  7. Hi my name is Thor and i want to become verified because I help out people and I will help if anyone need it when I am on. I have not broke any ruled and I will not do so. Thank Thor
  8. Hi :laugh: . I am new here but I am intrested become verified player. BTW I will like to help up others. :smile: And my name is joverwck..


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