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Found 27 results

  1. unbanned I don't even know

    Uhm.. I got unbanned yesterday.. and played a little in the evening.. I played today something like 5 minutes, left the server and then when i came back I got banned. I registered so no one joined my account, i didn't curse, didn't hack and just killed 2 chickens and some mobs that were around my "base". Can you please explain me why? Ban info: Your IP Address ( is RangeBanned Reason: Multiple Rule violations. By: Console Please help me!
  2. I got range banned for 2 or 3 years already and I want to explain why I deserve to be unbanned. I had a friend that used a lot the user "slenderman" and he was hacking, I knew my friend's password because i knew him in real life and sometimes i joined his account. I got banned because you probably thought im one of his IPs or something like that. My last username was Drago015 I think and i never hacked before so i'd like to get unbanned. I used to play the server a lot and i couldn't explain myself because i didn't speak english well 3 years ago. What it says when i try to join: Your IP Address ( is RangeBanned. Reason: Believed to be a rule breaker of multiple impersonations. See (Slenderman) By: Console Hope you'll understand the situation and unban me soon.
  3. unbanned Unban request (again...)

    Im banned because I had over 200 chickens. I dont know How They got there. But I think someone has thrown a lot of egg in my farm. That is the only reason I can think off. I Will re do the farm So it doesnt happen again. I hope ill get a unban. greeting THANATOS
  4. Unban request

    I am a new player to this server today only i created my account and now i tryed to play in the server but somehow i got banned by console please can i be unbanned Thanks and regards Gheco_Guy
  5. unbanned unban

    im sorry I hacked I promise I wont do it agein if you just unban me :(
  6. unbanned unban request

    in-game name: RAGTHANATOS i got banned by Realjay because 9+3 warns. i guess that means i got to many warns. i want to be unbanned because: if i got to many warns, i got to many for a couple months. Im a active player who sometimes forget the rules. and if Realjay count the warns of RAGKRATIS or RAGTEMPOS as mine (which is an understandable mistake) those are my brother. i hope i will be unbanned because I would be very sorry if i cant play on team-NeO any more. Greetings a hopeful RAGTHANATOS PS, most of the players can admit im not RAGTEMPOS and RAGKRATIS
  7. Unban Request

    few minutes a go i got ip banned for no reason by console saying [SPAM BOT] i asked the marcellus in discord did it say in chat that i got ip banned he told no please can u guys check and un banned me
  8. Banned for 2 weeks for spamming? Even if its for the warns, I paid to get the warns removed to anderson and nothing happened, so this should just be a warn (even though its not spamming), we were not spamming, maybe he came back after 1 hour and saw me tlaking only (like all chat msgs by me), since i was talking to balba and gogo on skype, and other peple were off, or have no friends (to chat with), no one reported me or told me to stop. please, fix this crap.
  9. Unban Request

    Well, I don't know where to start from... I sincerely apologize for my behavior towards this community over a year ago. I've already understood that I used to be a toxic person during that very time as I wanted to be an elitist(and thought myself as one) and harassed people(for no reason at all, I was just really arrogant and childish, I guess...). The whole idea of becoming such a person makes me cringe really badly including everything I've done in the past and I beg of the staff and the people I abused to forgive me and start clean. I'm pretty sure the only thing I kept with myself for that time are the memes XD. I'm not even a Minecraft player myself anymore though I wouldn't mind to start again on your server.
  10. a request

    Hi there ! plz tell me what is spambot ? i didnt login for 2 to 3 days and when i logined today it was written IP BANNED !! spam bot !! plz unban me i didnt posted any ip or spammed...... plz...... :sad:
  11. hey admin hi how are you .today i go to the server (team-neo) and i see ip ban reason saad555 and i dont know how did you ban my ip ? you want ban saad555 ip and ban mine can you help me admin . can you do it please i will be happy wen you fix the problem ok neo admin

    My In-Game name is: PixZero Reason I was banned: Range banned Reason I should be unbanned: I got no clue on why I got range banned, I am very innoncent. Other comments that may help the situation: My friend recommended me to play at this server aswell
  13. unban request

    i just wanna say that i was stupide and madness boy insult everyone spamming yeah thts true i broke the rules and a lot of bad things more then this i lied so much there you are anderson im asking you to forgive me and give me a last chance to join team-neo agein plez and i promise you that i will never broke the rules i promise u hope that u will give it to me //balbasour//
  14. Unbann me Range Banned

    My name in game is Dionn its says im range banned i dont know why ? :ohmy:
  15. Im from kosovo and i cant play this server it says ragged banned i dont know why but guys unbann me i really want to play this server ASAP!
  16. I’m typing to you today to apologize for my immaturity of threatening to “ddos” NeO back in 2015. I’ve been keeping an eye on NeO and would wish to rejoin such a thriving community and to see how the NeO is doing and every now and then come on and communicate with the new players and some of the old players, I say “every now and then” because some of my weekdays I am busy with preparing revising for my GCSE’s which I’m having later in 2017. I appealed back in October 2015 and hadn’t changed even though I said I did, I was wrong. Now reflecting on it in 2016 I’d like to have that opportunity to come on and communicate with the players and to play Minecraft.P Previous name: djcastle612

    hey admin sorry I want to ask unband request for ip sorry for patrickallain impersoation, please ban the player dont ban the ip addres Because im playing in a public stall its game take 1 ip address but to many players thanks Tea cups
  18. RangeBanned

    It's been awhile... I've just tried to log in after like a year and my ip is range banned due to 'Djcastle612' by console. Can someone save me please! :laugh: My in-game name is xpenney
  19. i realy sorry for that cause i do many things BAD to people and ijm sorry for many things that i learned from my brother PHANTOM i will not do it again then i will be greatfull to be begin a new life in team neo MY PROBLEM? : i want to be unbanned 2nd PROBLEM : i want to be unblocked to this forum web chat game i cant chat because of maccatacks because he blocked me on game web chat so please help me cam back and to begin a new adventure to this game :sad:
  20. I've sent alot of links in PM / PC, This time I did it aswell, I didn't realise it had ".com" in it and apparently that instabans you for 1 hour, it was a damn picture of a Minecraft tower for inspiration to phillipzu, Like just cause an link has ".com" in it doesn't mean it will harm, Get another plugin for that one please... And I'd also like to be unbanned. I know it's just 1 hour but that 1 hour could get alot of work done...
  21. Unban request

    I am truly sorry for my excessive behaviour and would like to be unbanned. Minecraft = love , Minecraft = lyfe. (been on neo since 2012![maybe even since 2011 :ohmy:]) current username : rotn_apl Thank u for looking in to this. Greetings Rotn / Arthurki / K3lover
  22. Ban time surpassed

    hey its 26/10/2015 and i still banned it end on 25/10 im i right ????
  23. I`m a banned!

    Ingame : Leitz123 I was spellbound 5.10.2012 REASON : Impersonating and ban evading . 4. I would like to unban then I'll never make I swear on my life . Thank you I`m love Admin!
  24. Hope i get unbanned

    Im really sorry Mr Anderson i apologize to u to maffow to voltron u will see just goood things from me cuz i become pro and never got banned from that time cuz i learned.Team neo was a good start though for playing so i just wanna get unbanned hope u accept my apologize
  25. Stinger402

    Hello i am Stinger402 console just ban me i dont know why and please unban me i wont spam i wont do bad thing i will follow the rules plz i am so sorry i want to play back team neo but i cant console ban me why my favorite name minecraft server multiplayer team-neo but i wanna play but how do i gotta play if i am banned PLEASE I AM BEGGING U I WANT TO PLAY PLEASE T_T sorry i always play team neo is my favorite and i always help people please sir please... -Stinger- asd