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Found 5 results

  1. unbanned

    few minutes a go i got ip banned for no reason by console saying [SPAM BOT] i asked the marcellus in discord did it say in chat that i got ip banned he told no please can u guys check and un banned me
  2. Banned for 2 weeks for spamming? Even if its for the warns, I paid to get the warns removed to anderson and nothing happened, so this should just be a warn (even though its not spamming), we were not spamming, maybe he came back after 1 hour and saw me tlaking only (like all chat msgs by me), since i was talking to balba and gogo on skype, and other peple were off, or have no friends (to chat with), no one reported me or told me to stop. please, fix this crap.
  3. unbanned

    i just wanna say that i was stupide and madness boy insult everyone spamming yeah thts true i broke the rules and a lot of bad things more then this i lied so much there you are anderson im asking you to forgive me and give me a last chance to join team-neo agein plez and i promise you that i will never broke the rules i promise u hope that u will give it to me //balbasour//
  4. unbanned

    Well, I don't know where to start from... I sincerely apologize for my behavior towards this community over a year ago. I've already understood that I used to be a toxic person during that very time as I wanted to be an elitist(and thought myself as one) and harassed people(for no reason at all, I was just really arrogant and childish, I guess...). The whole idea of becoming such a person makes me cringe really badly including everything I've done in the past and I beg of the staff and the people I abused to forgive me and start clean. I'm pretty sure the only thing I kept with myself for that time are the memes XD. I'm not even a Minecraft player myself anymore though I wouldn't mind to start again on your server.
  5. I've sent alot of links in PM / PC, This time I did it aswell, I didn't realise it had ".com" in it and apparently that instabans you for 1 hour, it was a damn picture of a Minecraft tower for inspiration to phillipzu, Like just cause an link has ".com" in it doesn't mean it will harm, Get another plugin for that one please... And I'd also like to be unbanned. I know it's just 1 hour but that 1 hour could get alot of work done...


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