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Found 50 results

  1. About: The Creative World is a place where you can play in Creative Mode - naturally. In this world you're free to build whatever you choose. Please remember that others must share this same world, we aim never to reset this world so please ensure that whatever you create, is something worthy of being in a world that is permanent. HeadAdmins may delete or change anything that is deemed unfit for the world. If you have concerns over what you wish to build and want to ensure it is not deleted, please ask a HeadAdmin directly for a confirmation. Building Restrictions: There are no real building restrictions other than the fact that common sense should be used. (As per above) This means don't go building 1 block towers or things that are completely ugly or pointless. Don't go building things that consume such a vast amount of land that makes it impossible for others to build things. The world is huge and unlimited like a normal world but that doesn't mean you should take the piss about it! If you're unsure that your creation will be too big or not, please ask a HeadAdmin. In most instances it will be allowed Entry Requirements: Anyone is allowed to ENTER the Creative World, they just will not be able to build or do anything in there. It would be a "viewing" only world from non-authorised players but those that are authorised will be able to build anywhere and break anything. This means that there is potentional for griefing. Any measure of this found would result in the griefer being removed permamently from the world. Generally speaking, applicants must be in good standing within the community, meaning no warnings for griefing or other offenses of that nature. Doesn't have tendencies to create things that would cause offense to others. E.t.c (See below for specific requirements) Criteria Required To Build: Currently, and these are highly subject to change we expect: 1) Played here for at least 3 months most of which you would have been active for. 2) 0 warnings surrounding Griefing or anything of that nature. This also extends to those that have griefed whilst plugins were down or abused any bugs that would allow you to grief and have done so. Known by members of Staff and are deemed trust worthy (You don't need to be Verified) Posting your request: You must include the following: Your in-game name. Reason why we should consider adding you to this world. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? Make sure you create your own topic/post do not reply to this one. How we will process your request: There is no set time, although we will aim to check and process the request within 7 days. We will accept or decline your request. Please don't pester HeadAdmins to check your request. This will be an automatic decline. The system is based on a first come first serve basis. The quicker you put your post in, the sooner you will be added (if accepted). Only a HeadAdmin will be able to DECLINE/ACCEPT a request, however Admins opinions will greatly reflect on what we ultimately decide. This means that if an Admin vouches for you, there's a good chance you will be accepted. Do NOT pester Admins to vouch for you. Asking once is acceptable, anything more is exccessive. We will tell you whether you have been accepted or declined by closing your topic and setting the Subject to [DECLINE] or [ACCEPTED]. We may also post a reply too. Goodluck!
  2. Unban Request

    Hello ! This is TheMarcellus and I want to be unbanned. I did nothing wrong and got banned for no reason. It's just my friend Awsomegamer's fault he was playing in my house with his banned account and then got IP banned so I also am banned. Kindly request to unban me. Thanks and regards, TheMarcellus
  3. Banned For No Reason

    So what literally happened is that myrvalco banned me for 7 days for "speed hacking on arzul hd" and i dont even know who the f is arzul hd or whatever that name is. I am not sure how it is linked to my account (i suppose it is), after the issue of the impersonators trying to log in on multiple accounts (minekrafts, voltons, etc), so it might of been that guy who is speed hacking and is linked to me. Please re consider my ban. Pics show that hacker linking accounts together (on his ip), Please fix this. and if it was me who allegedly "speed hacked", I want evidence of that. Since I don't remember any usage of hacked clients since the time i was banned for kill aura.
  4. Unban Request

    My In-Game name is:BlackJack_B Reason I was banned: Multiple rule violations Reason I should be unbanned:im not the guy you banned im someone else with the same ip idk how but i never even played in this server and i just wanna play with my friend in this server Other comments that may help the situation:idk i know you may not believe what im saying but im promissing im telling the truth please unban me... Admin who banned me: Console
  5. Unban request

    My In-Game name is:BlackJack_B Reason I was banned: Multiple rule violationsReason I should be unbanned:im not the guy you banned im someone else with the same ip idk how but i never even played in this server and i just wanna play with my friend in this serverOther comments that may help the situation:idki know you may not believe what im saying but im promissing im telling the truth please unban me i just wanna play with my friendName of admin who banned me: Console
  6. So, this guy called tntplayzMC teleported to me, and then started spamming, so I did what I should do and I reported him for that, I asked him to stop, and he did not, so I went ahead and put a lava bucket on him, he went up and flied. He also admitted and apologised for that too, as he was very sorry for it, but this does not make it allowed for him to hack, I hope he learns it the easy way and not the hard way as I did. NOTE: He has previously spammed before. First pic: A Photo of him flying Second pic: Same Pic (Just To Show It's Not Fake) Third Pic: Him spamming
  7. Hello, dear community, verified players and administrators, I am writing with regard to the troublesome player, named Scotty69. I am sure that every player in the server has a story to tell about him; mostly negative. I'll start with the "purest" rule break, that is spamming. I have spotted him countless times, either counting down to zero, either spamming the /givemoney command. Let me quote some logs to you: IF YOU ARE A MINOR I SUGGEST YOU CLOSE THIS WINDOW NOW. THE INSULTS ARE WAY TOO HARSH. Now moving on to insulting, I think the most things must be said here. In general, I can say that he is generally cursing (though this is something allowed), so undoubtedly he is insulting players as well. I shall provide an example of him insulting GrabarPL. When I saw that, I was literally rendered speechless. Then, today, after having trusted me some of his money, and after a small quarrel, I gave them back. After talking and talking and fighting like cats (sic), he said that to me: These were just extracts of what he's usually saying. Through this report I hope that users on the server beaware of that person. I have no words, really. :sad: Thank you for your attention.
  8. Mistaken Warn By Kangopt

    Dear Administrators and Neo Members. As you may or may not know, today I've had an issue with Kangopt and Prestige regarding the villager farm, so Kangopt has killed most of the villagers in the breedery to help Prestige fix a problem, that I told him he should keep until I come. Once I came back, I was very mad, so I used the word "f" (not sure if it's allowed to say it in forums) many times, but I did not use that word to offend / insult anyone, and that is fine by the server rules. It seemed that Kangopt misunderstood the issue and warned me for disrespecting admins + players, but then, I asked for evidence regarding the warn. After a few minutes, kangopt has apologised for giving me the warn (which I'm okay with) because I did not insult anyone. So I request here that my warning get's removed. Thank you! Evidence related to the topic is on the screenshots below vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
  9. UnBan me pls

    ill explain what happened my friend decided to pvp scotty on my alt account (JenTheKiller) she died once because the server glitched and she could not eat then she died cuz scotty forgot to give her a arrow (by the way she was using my gear) finally they were pvping the 3rd time and she was hit into the fire she tried to get out but scotty jumped in and killed her (this is what she said). then she raged and left. i was mad that my gear just got destroyed by the fire (no offence) you place "anderson" (ps pls remove that fire it's very annoying) i started out calm but my anger got the best of me and i was yelling out the f word and yelled some stuff that i do regret (including calling anderson stupid my apologies) i'm not even expecting to be unbanned but all i want is for you to understand what has happened to me just over the month: my sister died of cancer my parents are dying because of strokes and heart attacks (from my sister's death) my education has ended literally (and i'm 13 just so you know) and all but one of my friends have left me most people say that minecraft is just a game but right now minecraft is all i have i also should add that i have anger problems when i get angry everything is pointed at that one person i'm not saying that this is any reason to what i did i know it was bad what i said and i'm not expecting you to understand how i feel right now but pls try to understand my life is falling apart and all the work i did on this server was deleted if you were in my shoes you would have raged just like me (if you say you would not re-read my list) by the way as i said i'm not expecting to be unbanned but pls try to understand how i feel
  10. see ban for sayf? da hell

    im new here and it says range ban??????? what is going on here??????
  11. i was helping ludakk with a problem with his mob spawner and saw him flying towards it and started recording
  12. Good day, everychon. :biggrin: Well, today, after killing ka1ne in PVP, he started flying (as a reaction?) :tongue: Here's what I've captured:
  13. unban IP address Range

    Hi good day to the admins. I am requesting for the unban of the ip range: - Reason: This is the public IP range of country, the criminal did it using the ip address in this range. Thank you for your time, and i hope that this will be reconsidered. If you are asking: I am not the one who did the crimes, it just happened to be the public ip range of our country. Also this is my first time using my cellular network to play, i used to play at home using DSL, so i have a different IP.
  14. Chat spam

    Reason: Chat spamming
  15. i saw the player CHICA fly hacking today and recorded it
  16. i saw a player called porpvp flying (hi isn't a donator) - he has flying mods i took some screenshots =>
  17. i saw mudai fly hacking so i recorded it. it is not the best quality but you can clearly see his name and that he flies
  18. so i was playing on the server and the player dof wanted me to pvp him at /spawn pvp. So i went there and pvp'ed him and i think he has the ''reach'' hack but i'm not 100% sure so i went to conor to ask about it and he said to post it right here so here i am. He also gets hit but thats because of Thorns that i have on my armor you see that he hits me and that i can't hit him although he got hit by the Thorns don't pay attention to the guy who is speaking in the video i was skyping with a friend and was playing League Of Legends link of the video :
  19. FREDY hacking

    so i was playing on the server again xD and FREDY tpa'd to me and showed me his hacks link of the video :
  20. i was just playing with a friend on the server and saw xTurtle hacking he tped to me and started flying and i assume kill aura i have video proof i saw that my cursor is pretty weird so don't pay attention to that xD link of the video :
  21. Howdy, Draston here to reinforce my report against ewd yesterday. Anyway, he continues to request that I should teleport him to me, and each time I've said no. He's proven to me that he's an untrustworthy player 'cause he has attempted to kill me, and has killed Spectre and taken items before. Besides the point, here's some screenshots taken on different days of his requests:
  22. Attached evidence captured due to the fact tat i was disguised as enderman n pig so he didnt see me
  23. i've caught Swag420 fly hacking and got video evidence link of the video:
  24. its really annoying to play while someone is spamming the chat box and im really annoyed of this player named "yorivk" which is spamming my chat box with tp requests and i keep telling him to stop and tpdeny him but he stills tp, please do something its not the first time he is spamming and beggibg to tp... i asked an admin and he told me to screenshot his spamming and post it on forum so i did. i took some screenshots =>
  25. Unban XxTheDeivisLTxX

    Unban XxTheDeivisLTxX (reban by server)


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