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  1. kangopt

    My Verification Request

    You are a good player. You respect the rules and make others do the same. A player that helps others, and have a great knowledge of the server. I hope that you make part of the team soon . The best luck for you.
  2. kangopt

    Creative request

    Hello. My in game name is: Kangopt. I've been playing in Team-Neo since 2013. I'm a builder by definition and i build preety good stuf if i may say. I'm trustfull ans a idoneos player. I pretend to build impressive things, because in creative building is the thing no limits to creativity. I play in Team_NeO almost every day even when in holidays. I will be very happy if you consider my request. Thanks kangopt
  3. kangopt

    Requesting video evidence for warning

    https://youtu.be/NaYNB4G1K9U Resting my case.
  4. kangopt

    An Issue With Kangopt

    Mr. Prestige, You ask for my help, i told you that it as needed to kill villagers. The objective is to left only two to see if they breed. And they do. So in a little time you have villagers again. Scotty he had trust in that claim so to me he is trusted and can ask and change things in that claim. Be careful with the players you trust in your claims. I'm only trying to help as requested. It's my mistake.
  5. kangopt

    Unban Request

    Hello, you're caught using mods "flying hack" that's against the rules. You ware warned and leave with out saying nothing in that account, you knew what you'r doing. If i get it right you'r saying that's ok cheating if you "got fed up" just don't be caught. I can't agree with that, you break the rules accept the punishment. Bedsides you have done it before my warning, the ban is to stay.
  6. kangopt

    Kangopt has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified

    Tanks you all for your support.
  7. kangopt

    Privite World Request

    Thanks for accepted me Anderson.
  8. My in game name is Kangopt. I have 49 years old. Yes 49!! And i love this game is very relaxing and hallways a challenge for me. I'm consider my self a builder (you might seen some of my constructions) and is a struggle for me consider that some of my creations can disappear. I can build pretty god structures that i would like to be preserved. so i think i will be a good asset in the Private World, and in addiction my buildings don't be deleted. I intent to build my permanent house and a project that i have for some time now in mind for now. And if i can help making the private world look nicer i will be proud. I'm not thinking of go in holidays, and i don't have bans for griefing or other ones. -- Thank you for consider my application to the Private World. Kangopt.
  9. First of all my excuses to making the request again. The fist time I did it I was trying to use the relation of the name of the server with the film to make the request more funny, my mistake. Living and learning! But the truth is that I've play in Team Neo since 2012 in the first server, and i always respect the server rules and the other players. I,ve became more active in interacting with other players and i'm always ready to help who needs. there are many players who all ready trust me. I think that my experience as a player and in life (i'm just an older kid :smile:) ) can be more explored if i where a verified player. Was you can see i spend many time in the server hallways respecting the rules and asking other players to respect them. I'm would be very happy if you made me verified player. Team Neo hallways will be my favorite Minecraft Server. Thank you for your time. Kangopt.
  10. kangopt

    New Palace.

    Just finished my last construction. Here are some photos.
  11. kangopt

    The Matrix want me.

    Yeah, I know Warrior...but I think is kinda nice. It is what it is!
  12. You have to let it all go. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.

    1. Sh3p47


      Then, will it be possible for that person to lead a successful life?

  13. Please make me a verified player. I spend a lot of time in the Matrix, and I'm a trusty player. "Do not try and bend the spoon. Is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself." :cool:
  14. kangopt

    Verified Player

    Can you please made me a verified player? Thanks.

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