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    Yes, I have done some research and I can conclude that the hopper glitch has been fixed, I hope that non verified players will soon be able to use hoppers as they should be.
  2. voidrampager


    I understand, but it would be nice to have hoppers back, and don't worry I have requested a long time ago and it wasn't just for that, I wanted to help community because I was very active :)
  3. voidrampager


    I'm thinking about make farms, auto potion brewers and smelters. So basically that kind of stuff, and it is very difficult to do some of those without hoppers side by side.
  4. voidrampager


    So we still can't place hoppers right next to each other, which makes it hard to do a lot of red stone builds. This takes a lot away from the game. I'm 99% sure the glitch would be fixed by now... right? Is this ever going to come back ? Thanks
  5. You really deserve to be verified, i remember when i restarted you helped me out alot
  6. voidrampager

    Submission of interest

    Hey guys void here and i feel like i should be verified. Ive been on team neo for a while and i know a lot of the basic rules and such and am just a overall helpful player to the community. I feel that im trust worthy and always looking to help. I also feel like my forum name "scam artist" is completely false. So everyone, hope you guys conisder my interest and have a great day
  7. voidrampager

    Unban Request :(

    So i was unbanned for trying to post a link to a youtube video because i need help with my villager farm, the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR9NPbGGqfA, so if you guys could unban me that would be great and also can you tell me if its a good farm ty :)
  8. void come back on, i've finished the door and you can be ready to test it


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