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  1. Hey, can i buy 3 unbreaking 2 books and a couple of silk touch... how much would that be?? oh and can i have a couple of flame 2 aswell can you msg me or pm me ingame or on IRC about the price many thanks... :)

  2. Remember when me&you PVP'd and i had full diamond armor and a god sword and you had 1 bread and you got me down to one heart!! :o that shocked me that day... :)

  3. Where did you get to aswell? just to let you know me and Starterek_Craft are hard at work with zion!! :)

  4. Where did you go dude? i miss you!! :(

  5. I love your signiture! Perfect for you obsi...;)

  6. I've been fine crisrock you?

  7. IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

  8. Just to let you know that i have 6 spare slimes if that is any help. and i wanna but 15 bottle o' enchanting please ty :D xD and i have my own blaze crusher so i will stop harrasing you now :D see you soon xD

  9. Lol today i had 30 gold i needed to smelt 20 so i made full golden armor and tools and gave it to roughy so then he could be butterd and now trip to the nether for a slice :3

  10. i havent seen you on in a wher where did you go?

  11. Me and XIB0RG have decided that we would like you to join us in XIB0RG's town so please please :) x

  12. please come back i miss you :'( waaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  13. i need to the server to be online so then i can move into your town and build XD

  14. just enchanted my pick at level 30 eff 3 and silk touch 1 :D and also doanted :D

  15. i cant the trap dorr bit i will tomoz!!

  16. sorry roughy i was bored so i just built it!! :( so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry!! :( please plz plz plz plz trust me again and i started to destroy it but there was too much lag and i will do the rest later!! please i will do anything!!!!

  17. your netherdragon123 account got hacked:( sorry bro good luck for the future on your NEW chaossonic200 :) your a great player and i will help you out on this new account i will help you tart out AKA give you free wood dimes and anything else ok!! i would do anything for you and please dont get banned from the Neo_town market on your new account ok and i think you should make a new team_...