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  1. Not bad not bad, could be worse.

  2. I cannot take you seriously with that avatar xD

  3. You live in my house? :O!

  4. I see you on my page D:<


  6. It's 105 now mang, 105~!

  7. Cocoa's babies?! WHO!? I THOUGHT I WAS BEARING THEM! D:

  8. -slaps Obsi with a garbage can-

  9. But this isn't Soviet Russia :x

  10. In Soviet Russia, computer flips YOU!

  11. I see a world so cold, where it only snows, where the sun lost its power but still gently glows, where dark, black nights and moonless skies create a desperate desire for the temperature to rise, then the ice could melt and rivers would flow so that seeds could be planted for new flowers to grow, and as our planet would slowly restore, life will continue, forever and more

  12. Mang, all dis lag. -flips a table-

  13. You got that right, Cocoa boy.

  14. You win this time... I WILL GET YOU! D:<

  15. Wow I must suck, user rating of 0 stars. I'd like to thank the hat0rs, because without them, this would be impossible! <3

  16. Whatcha gonna do about it son? Whatcha gonna do? Huh? Huh? xD