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  1. PhotoShop Level UP!!!


  2. nice try copying NitroN lol

  3. oh man.. your videos with those rock songs just make me not want to watch the video/shut down the music of the video xd

    ps why you playing on 800x600? always wanted to ask that..

  4. 800x600 quality signature?

  5. sorry for not responding.. i just saw the pm:P return to irc?

  6. i just looked at your sig for 2-3 mins and noticed that the guy in the middle "wants to kiss" lol xD nice sig :P

  7. lol at Thor's comment, hi loyal! too bad ur not a mta hacker anymore :(

  8. yea my profile is more popular than yours *MUAHAHAHHAHA*

  9. most popular profile eva'! :D lol

  10. Join IRC ill send you the Infernus mod

  11. change your member title to town lunatic xd ok no :D

  12. :( dddduuuuuuffffffffffff wwwhhheeerrreee aarree yyoouu !!! u said ur gonna return on sunday

  13. if it has 'godfather' in that line then it means someone / u did set it.. if its empty then its the forum doing it for the postcount :P

  14. ok i can always change mine to that.. lol

  15. davy, your profile isnt that popular anymore! *highfives cuz mine isnt popular too*

  16. Another name change?

    Hi :b

  17. Are you the samp player awesome? :o

  18. obsi if you're not busy please go on irc i want to send you quotes of something about some admin...