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  1. Yippie! finnaly admin!

  2. YAY i fixed mah computer a little bit

  3. I have problems with my computer... so i wont be that active on IRC and ingame D:

    1. roughtoast


      lol im sometimes the same,kinda weird how mc keeps on crashing on my desktop and its got 3.5 ghz cpu with 4 gb gaming ram and 1 gig ded graphics card.....must be dam vista and java not likeing each other XD

    2. Squirrel


      Yup i also have that shitty Windows Vista it sucks ass D:<

    3. Squirrel


      Yup i also have that shitty Windows Vista it sucks ass D:<

  4. /me has b-day today \o/(21st of April)

  5. Yay i has 3 more commentz im gonna get a cake now yippie !

  6. Heyhey heeeeeeeeeey ! im back !!

  7. Im going to Estonia, il be inactive for some days :O

  8. im back lol, and i thought that my internet for like 3 to 4 weeks :D

  9. My internet dosnt work sorry i wont be active/online for a while

  10. Oh yeah BTW changed my name to Squirrel

  11. I need a sig :(((

    1. Larsbehet


      Me too, iff you want i can try for you

  12. SPRING BREAK !! You know what that means.......SA-MP ALL DAY, EVERY DAY !!

  13. i has no comments :(

    I can has ??

  14. oi, i have over 2000 score and nearly 10 millions in bank :O

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    2. Squirrel


      LOOOL nice, Andrikos :D

    3. Andrikos


      i will call you GangstaSquirrel whatsoever

    4. NeO_Supremacy


      I likes NinjaSquirrel better :)

  15. awww man im not gonna play sa-mp this weekend 28 jan-30jan cuz im gonna be out of town and i wont have a chance to play :(

  16. Curse you School curse you !

  17. Sup Burner a.k.a F50 cmon Burner that story about ur cusin is so lame make some real excuses :)