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  1. Gta samp

    I'm just curious to know.
  2. Gta samp

    So there will be no Team-NeO anymore as in a form of sa-mp?
  3. Gta samp

    You'd definitely see me again.
  4. dat`s 101 percent true.

  5. commenting my own profile like a Ninja! wooot

  6. woowee finally finished my research :D

  7. Im going to be inactive for some time now :D I have to do and focus on my research work.

  8. merry Christmas to everyone! xD

  9. Working Camp so... , gonna be inactive for 10 days.

  10. erm.. I have a little problem here, cant connect to the server and turns out i cant get connection to the IRC too

  11. LOL

    1. NeO_Supremacy




      Gimmi all ya cookies!!!!

    2. NeO_AmirEagle


      give it back or i kill you!