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    What is it to do at the Space Station? Nothing else than look at old pictures of my girlfriend and play GTA SA-MP Team NeO server ofcourse!

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    oooor GFWL/XBL. Sounds like a drug
  1. I love my sig, thank you very much Supre! :-D

    1. NeO_Supremacy


      Gotta luv that sig :)

  2. Don't worrie, use your time Supre :D That you're even doing it is veru much appreciated :)Thank you!

  3. still workin on your sig ;/

  4. Why did you change name? :O

  5. lol, like your new profilepicture! :-D

  6. Either named DeC3nt or something else, I will always be the Drift King!

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    2. NeO_Supremacy


      I am the Creator :)

    3. NeO_AmirEagle


      I want the best bacon that you can make :D

    4. NeO_Supremacy


      streaky bacon!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. Kiz can't you come back and play with me again soon? I miss someone that comes killing me all the time, that I get mad at.. :-D

  8. Hehe yes I do, it's a must of mine :))

  9. Ohh....have a gf too

  10. Ayeaye, I love it.. Would you buy me one Supre? :))

  11. R34 Skyline featured in Fast and the furious.

    Dam nice ride.

  12. Amazing.. I don't know what to say.. other than, get it in game! :-D

  13. Yeah, im pretty sure that its a R34 Skyline.