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  1. U lier!u said u would be on mta at the night!


  2. finally finally finally u commented on my profile i were looking everyday to see if u have answered me. :D

    about my exams my results were great!

    and now ill w8 for you to play together!

  3. Did u finished your exams?

    Me,i finally finished my exams today and im waiting for the results until monday.:D

  4. LoL,i have 2 weeks yet,too!

    Hahaha im so happy we will end together!

    <3(no homo ofc ;D)

  5. What are you doing Marth?

    I miss you!!!!!!!!! :(

  6. Summer is coming...soon! :)

  7. i will start coming to the server even if i can stay for only 30m-1h.

  8. You miss me bro,huh?I miss you too!

    i wish i had enough free time to come and play its that i dont have enough time to enjoy playing games.

  9. Thank you so much.cris!

    btw,your the only one who saw it.