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  1. Happy birtday Joki! :DD

  2. Woot! Gratz Joki :D

  3. If you want to be unbanned, you have to make an unban request.

  4. Sucks I guess...

    But they will find out about my shop soon...


  5. Lol everyone is selling discs are prices that are way higher then yours.

  6. Happy birthday Tweaky! :D

  7. Yeah BTW You Have Skype? If Yes Look For My Skype On My Page

  8. The last one, and if you want to ask me this

    you could have just asked me through IRC/MC.

  9. Is It Like This? Hallo Im Ryan Dit Is Afrikaans

    And Here Is Real

    Hallo ik ben Ryan Dit Is de Nederlandse

  10. Erm no Dutch lol.

  11. Erm no genius my profile says I'm from The

    Netherlands lol.