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  1. Your father had sex with a hamster

  2. Thats because Im the shittiest phoenix ever

  3. You're a flubbery penguin and you need to get banned

  4. We all know it was you. You can't hide from us!

  5. then get on irc and pm him there

  6. try now. i unbanned every single name under your ip. if taht doesnt work then try contacting anderson via irc or forums

  7. im not complaining about it. i was just stating a fact

  8. i had a clean inbox before you came along

  9. i can easily say the same thing about you

  10. dont keep track of that either. you're still losing

  11. I dont keep track of sports so i wouldnt know

  12. cause I win all the time at everything forever

  13. if this isnt a chat then why are we communicating?

    +1 He11

    -99999999999999 NeveR

  14. im gonna ban you and then raid your home for my melons!

  15. how can i NOT see that sexy penguin?

  16. but stalking you is fun

  17. i would get all my alt accounts to de-rep you if i could

  18. i have no friends cause im a anti-social bastard

  19. your boredom feeds me

  20. i sent you the proper areas for you to make a thread. look more closely and you'll see how

  21. you're suppose to make your own thread, not reply to another person's thread. please fix that

  22. post an unban request in the unban section of the forums